17 Ideas To Get Unique And Attractive Printed Cosmetic Boxes


How many of you guys love cosmetic packings? Indeed when it comes about the females, so females love to buy a cosmetic that has come up in an impressive and unique packing style. Now there are many cosmetics for males well. Irrespective of the consumer, cosmetic packaging plays an important role in product sale. But what if you are the seller and you are quite confused about how to style your boxes and give them a new look? Today, in this article, I try my level best to write down ideas through which you can make your cosmetic boxes attractive. Let’s start: So, unveil the 17 amazing cosmetic packaging ideas with me.

The abstract one:

One simplest and easiest approach which you guys can implement is the abstract one. This is one of the decent and amazing tricks through which you can easily gather the audience towards your product. Simply choose an abstract design, keeping in mind the brand colors. Simply zigzag lines or random words related to brand or product or just abstract geometric lines will rock as well.

Patterns and lines:

The next one is the pattern and lines. You can also cover your boxes along with some unique designs, lines, and patterns. Some lines, whether geometric or some all-over design or imbedded style design will look unique. You can make brand logo embedded in the background like a watermark that pop out from shiny interior.

Prefer the top:

Another trick through which you can make your custom cosmetic boxes unique is to cover the top with something catchy or attractive. As per your cosmetic product try to cover the top with some creative touch. It is a great way to add some amazing opening or a personal touch to the product. Try making the top in different color while keeping the other sides of the box same.

Go for compact:

Another way to attract the audience towards your packaging and product is the compact size. Always go with the compact and minimize packing style instead of large and big. Choosing packing according to the product is the best way to deliver product safe and sound and save on extra cost. Do some research and choose wisely the right packaging shape box for the product. You can also choose from the cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale.

Texture and shape:

Another way to make your cosmetic packing unique from others is to pick the texture and shape combination. Try to play with shapes, designs, contrast color combinations, and textures. Making unique shape is fun and a good idea to make the product stand out in the competition. You can try some unique shapes like triangle box for nail paint or you can make it more practical by making some holder like box.

Bold tagline packing:

This is also one of the top trends look. If you want nothing but decency then I highly recommend you to go with this single bold line/ one line/ or tag line packing. You can add slogan or tag line under the logo on the front side of the box. Make it bold or use gold foil to highlight the tag line on the cosmetic boxes.

Highlight the cause look way:

Another approach to representing your product in a different way is to combine your tagline with a cause touch. This is also in the trendy top-line and some brands following this and promoting their products as well. It is suggested to highlight your product specialty like you can highlight if you are using environment friendly ingredients or such things that can be appreciated by customers.

Bottle and tube look:

When it comes to the concise look, so the tube and bottle look is too in. if you guys have any liquid form cosmetic items then try this sleek, simple bottle and tube look. Mostly such packing is used for creams scrubs, serums and liquid beauty products. Customizing bottle and tubes is also a great fun and can give your product a fresh look.

Try something unique and be risky:

Taking challenges is a good deal but when you are going with the challenges make sure you have a wise mind with an active act. Try out funky colors or some odd shaped box to wrap the beauty product. It will not only attract the consumer eye but also make it a big hit for marketing purpose.

Play with colors:

The next approach of converting your Cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale into a unique way is to play with colors. Sometimes using and picking the bold and sharp contrast color helps to make your box look attractive. Black and white are always win in packaging but why not try out some other colors? Packaging is a great way to build your brand identity so prefer choosing packaging in your brand color. Color coordinating packaging with the color of lipstick or nail polish or foundation can also be a big hit.

Play with ribbons:

The next common but simplest and cool thing is to utilize the ribbons. Like when it comes to the ribbon so it’s up to you in which way and how you utilize your ribbons. If you are introducing a pack of three or four products, you can simple tie up the bundle with ribbon. Adding ribbon on the box of the product with a custom note.

Come up with humor:

Fun is the way through which you can convey your message without any fuss. Try to come with some humor creativity and illustrate your packing with something appealing. There are few brands who tried this out and there packaging rocked in the competition. So try out some fun packing idea.

Glitter papers:

Sometimes using the right choice and theme of the paper is enough to change your packing look. If you have nothing the simply pick one single theme glitter paper and then cover it over your box. For ideas, you can also check Cosmetic boxes in the UK. You can add some glittery touch in the logo or in the product name.

Check the trends:

Sometimes checking the trends helps a lot and enough to give you some unique ideas. So make sure before launching something you have checked the packaging trends and looks. Some structured, abstract, compact, fun and playful are trending these days. If you are launching a product specifically for holiday season, you can design box according to the season.

Allow your product to speak:

Another way to represent your product is to let them speak by their selves. Make sure that your packing not fully covered your products. Using custom boxes with windows make the product visible from the box and product can speak itself . there are many versatile designs for window boxes as well.

Focus on the interior look:

Some cosmetic products want some interior impressive look. So if you have any product that wants this type of packing then focus on its interior design. Make your product to tell story itself. Using some cleaver interior design and clear tube or bottle , you can make the product to speak itself with powerful statement.

Tell your story:

The last way to represent your packing is a brief telling way. Try to print a short story over your packing and give your products a brief look. This is very interacting and best way to engage your customers. People love to understand the product procedure or brand story if presented properly or in fun way. At last, you think I missed something and you want to know more related to Cosmetic packaging in the UK then feel free to ping me.



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