3 Best Steps to Choosing Safe Dietary Supplements


The question of safe dietary supplements is always in the news. Customers (right) want to make sure the supplements they take are safe and effective.

A recent Council for Responsible Nutrition survey found that two-thirds of Americans consume dietary supplements every day. The survey also found that 84% of Americans believe in the safety, quality and effectiveness of their dietary supplements.

In an industry with a controversial history, reliability, transparency and discoverability are at the heart of consumer confidence in dietary supplements.

For many years, the food supplement industry was Wild West, with very little regulation by regulators. In 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which regulates dietary supplements as products that seek to make “dietary supplements.”

DSHEA, however, does not require dietary health supplement manufacturers to prove that their supplements are effective or safe on the label.

To control the quality of dietary supplements, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has demanded that all manufacturers adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by 2010. GMPs established manufacturing requirements to ensure that supplement consumption is safe.

The principle behind GMPs is to build quality in the manufacturing process. While all companies now need to comply with GMP, many still do not.

The FDA has limited capacity to determine if companies agree to the GMP. In some ways, buying dietary supplements can still be a “buyer warning” situation.

Why are dietary supplements often bad?

A supplementary safety guide was included in the September 2016 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine. The issue sheds light on hazardous ingredients and types of supplements to avoid. Content advertised for weight loss, sexual performance and bodybuilding can be dangerous.

There is often little scientific evidence to back up these materials. And some can potentially cause drug interventions and harmful side effects.

Consumer reports also recommend avoiding proprietary compounds. A proprietary blend is a secret recipe of ingredients in a product. When a manufacturer uses a proprietary mix, they must list the content in the order from appropriate to below, but they do not need to specify the amount of each content.

Mixtures can contain dangerously high amounts of certain ingredients. In other cases, they may not be able to give enough to a particular part to be useful.

Follow the some effective health supplements:

  1. Choose a brand that you can trust.

There are third party testing and certification agencies such as USP and NSF International that work with companies to certify that products do what they say they do and are free of contaminants.

Testing and certification can help you feel more confident in the safety of your supplements.

Since its inception in 2003, the logics have participated in the NSF Dietary Supplements Certification Program. The NSF not only verifies and certifies thermo logics supplements, but also conducts GMP audits of our manufacturing plant twice a year.

Participating in the NSF program also guarantees that only high quality content from suppliers approved by the NSF goes to your supplements.

We strive to create the most effective products for our customers, so therapeutic supplements are always based on scientific evidence. Our Medical Advisory Board has approved the manufacture of each supplement after extensive, detailed review of the most current scientific discoveries.

The Board monitors our products to ensure that it contains safe ingredients within all recommended doses. Sharknutritions re-evaluate formulas when new research emerges.

Sharknutritions manufactures products using the best scientific evidence currently available.

  1. Choose a brand that believes in transparency.

To boost consumer confidence, many dietary supplement manufacturers are reluctant to use proprietary blends. Sharknutritions has never used proprietary compounds in any of our formulas, and we never will.

We believe that consumers have a right to know what is in their supplements; we have nothing to hide.

For us, transparency means not only clean labels, but also honest and open communication with customers about our products. Our Department of Nutrition employs registered dietitians and public health practitioners to answer questions about any of our products.

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