3 Questions to ask a good Violin Teacher


Choosing the right private violin teacher or music school to join can be quite a challenging task for anyone that is just starting to pick up violin lessons. Not all violin lessons Singapore studios or instructors are created to be equal. They all have their own methods of teaching and principles. This is why interested individuals may not know where to start looking and they spend a lot of time and money to find out. Asking the right questions and doing research on potential private violin teacher instructors can maximize your learning process and eliminate all unnecessary frustration. Without asking right questions, you may be frustrated with your violin lessons Singapore enquiries. The main point is to narrow down your choices by asking the right questions so you know where your time and money will be put into.

In this article, we will discuss three very important questions to ask potential violin instructors before starting private violin teacher lessons or group violin teacher lessons.

1. Where did the violin instructor receive their

education and what is their teaching experience?
The most important question to ask the private violin teacher would be regarding their past teaching experience. Have they taught music in a public or private school system, or in a private music studio, or perhaps at a college or university? Their response will tell you more about their teaching experience and professionalism. Violin lessons Singapore instructors should be qualified to a certain level when it comes to teaching. You will want to invest your money in someone that knows what they are doing.

Furthermore, ask them what their teaching philosophy is. Their answer will tell you how they go about their lesson planning and what principles they believe in. The more experience that the private violin teacher has, the more likely you will find yourself in a suitable environment to progress in learning the violin. It is best not to settle for a violin lessons Singapore teacher without a proper music background, education, or teaching experience. This is not worth the frustration and your time and money may be wasted.

Trust plays a key role when it comes to a student-teacher relationship. A student is required to be honest with the teacher regarding their progress. Therefore, it is only fair that a violin teacher can show you in the beginning that you can trust them to guide you in playing the violin.

2. Does the violin instructor teach proper musicianship and music theory?

In today’s digital world, computers and software have been the art of transcription for music genres and instruments. Students are not enhancing ears the way they earlier used to be. The best way for ear-training is for music students to learn how to transcribe for their music instrument. Theory is an important factor when it comes to your violin lessons Singapore course. Ask your private violin teacher whether they will also be teaching musicianship and misc theory based on the violin.

This means the teacher should introduce recording, writing down the music on paper and then placing it on their instrument. Violin transcription will bring all the elements of music theory and performance together for the student. This is how you will fully understand the theoretical elements of music. With the guidance of a good violin lessons Singapore teacher, the ultimate goal will be to teach musicianship.

3. Does the violin instructor teach proper technique and form?

Good violin lessons Singapore teachers will be able to show you proper techniques when playing the instrument. Proper technique should be deeply rooted in classical music. Students should ask this question in advance and find a private music teacher that incorporates proper, classical-based technique into their lessons. Technique and form is the foundation for all musical instruments and a student will not be able to play well if their hands don’t allow it. Ask the violin lessons Singapore coordinator to give you a few examples of the techniques that will be taught in class. This is vital especially for beginning students. It is crucial to a successful violin lesson experience where progress can be made. There are problems when it comes to techniques in the private music education world. Asking in advance will not let it become a problem for your personal violin lessons Singapore experience.

Final thoughts

Your violin education experience is important and asking the right questions can maximize your violin lessons Singapore investment. Finding a private music teacher that has proper teaching experience, with some sort of music degree, and will ensure proper techniques and theory are incorporated into the lessons, is the best option. This will guarantee years of excitement and enjoyment when it comes to playing the violin. Looking to start violin lessons? Check out more information on our website and enquire today!


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