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6 simple tips to extend the life of your tires

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Tires are one of the most important, and also expensive, components of our cars; here we give you 6 basic tips to extend its useful life.
The tires are the only contact our car has with the ground, and they are also a very important component of safety at the wheel. Good tires ensure predictable responses, good traction, and shorter stopping distances, but as such, they are not economical.
Therefore, we give you 5 practical tips to extend the life of your tires and keep them in optimal conditions for longer, apart from aligning and balancing maintenance every half year.

Contact area
The contact of the tire with the ground is the same size as the palm of an adult hand, if the tire is under or over-inflated, this area changes, and therefore the response of the Daihatsu Terios 2015 car is compromised and also the life of the tire. Check the pressure every two weeks with the tires cold and without having rolled.
Too high pressure increases the temperature and reduces the useful life in addition to altering the contact surface and generating uneven wear. Too low pressure also alters the surface, leaving the tire load on the sides of the floor, and producing irregular wear that will force you to change them more frequently.

Don’t overload the car

Traveling in the car with more weight than recommended is not only dangerous because it alters the reactions at high speeds, you will also be increasing the temperature in the tires and with it, reducing the useful life of them. The less weight you carry with you, not only will you save gas, you will also improve the life of your tires.

Your driving habits influence a lot

Sudden accelerations, abrupt braking and cornering at high speeds. All of these habits waste gas, but they also increase the temperature of the tires, thereby increasing compound wear. Avoid them if you want your tires to last longer.

Keep an eye on your car’s tread wear, as if you notice uneven wear, you may need to align your car to avoid changing your tires as often.


The front tires always tend to wear out faster than the rear tires and it is normal, the front axle normally carries more weight than the rear because in most cars this is where the engine is mounted. It is important that you rotate your tires with each maintenance service, moving the front wheels backward and vice versa so that the wear of the four tires is regular.
Beware of potholes
We know, in our country it is almost impossible not to fall into a pothole, but if you slow down in high-risk areas you will avoid hitting the tires very hard and causing a ‘chipotle’, which immediately renders them useless, causing them to have to be replaced. . It is also important that you do not park too close to the sidewalks because you could hit one of the tires and break it.



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