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An Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Signage


All the business owners look for ways to create their brand identity. That’s where signage comes into the picture. Whether you want to display your brand’s name or promote products, signages play an important role. However, the main challenge is to choose the one apt for your business from a wide variety. Each is unique with its special attributes. That’s why before selecting one; make sure you check out all of them to make an informed decision.

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What Are the Different Types of Signage?

Here is a list of different types of signage that can come in handy for your business:

  1. Outdoor Signs

The outdoor signs just like the name suggest is restricted to exteriors only. That’s why these signs are usually made of sturdy materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, their main purpose is to aware people about a brand with the name, logo and tagline if any. So, their strategic location is of prime importance o else it will go in vain. Some of the common examples of outdoor signs are banners, posters, murals, hoardings and more.

  1. Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are specifically used inside the office or any other premises. They are meant for various purposes like branding, promoting or instructing people to do certain things. For instance, when you enter an office and visit the reception, the brand name that you see near the reception is one of the prime examples of indoor signs. In fact, the CEO’s and other employees of higher designation have signboards of their names near their cabin. That is also another example of indoor signs.

  1. Wayfinding Signs

Do you see signage with instructions that leads you from one place to another? They are wayfinding signs that are seen in almost all the places including hospitals, schools, shopping malls, corporate houses and other offices. They are of prime importance and the designer has to be well-skilled to offer accurate signs to prevent confusing people.

  1. Persuasive Signage

The purpose of these signs is to persuade people to take an action. Whether you want them to recognize your brand or buy your product, these signs are usually witty and visually appealing. Point of Purchase displays are one of the prime examples of this signage that provokes customers to indulge in impulse buying.

Which Signage Are You Choosing?

That’s a brief summary of all the signage that can be beneficial for any business irrespective of its size. So, which one are you choosing to promote your brand?

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