Magento is a well-known eCommerce platform for creating website. It is the 2nd most popular platform in the world for offering solutions of eCommerce website. This platform allows customization to great extent with perfect functioning. In this article we will be discussing about the benefits of magento development services and the mistakes we should be avoiding while magento development.


The advantages of Magento Development Services for your Website of eCommerce.

  • After deployment Magento offers customization facility for your ecommerce website.
  • Migration of data is very easy of your business applications to Magento eCommerce stores.
  • It is time effective development and quite easier for the contractor.
  • You will able to make comparisons of the products by getting complete details before purchasing with the use of Magento.
  • Magento websites provide better UX with single transaction.
  • Magento offers safe payment solutions and also offer convenient integration.
  • It helps in managing not just one online store via administrator but others also.
  • It offers multiple payment options with numerous of languages and currencies facility.
  • Magento offer good sort of plug-ins to improve the practically of the online website with amazing customization options.
  • Offers against on-line security threats.


Most common mistakes

Here are some common mistakes that you should not be making with Magento development.


Poor Theme

In order to customize the eCommerce website the collection of themes are available.

Selection of a theme which is based on personal preferences with one compability is the common mistake of most of the developers. Selection of heavy theme, showing the speed of the website is another mistake. A potential customer should be attracted to a simple and appealing theme.


Navigation Displays 

When the different information is demonstrated on single page it is usually called Navigation. Customers have opportunity to select the preferred option when different categories are aligned but the layered navigation leads to overlapping the pictures with category because it makes the loading really slow. If you want to increase the revenue of your business you need to ignore going for layered navigation displays.


Use Default Settings/Copied Content

Due to multiple reasons, it is not recommended to stick to the default settings and descriptions. You should be having relevant information about your product on your website page to safe yourself from the affects like destruction of your goodwill in the sight of your customers. A significant role is always played by the description of the products and it impact the sales decision as well. The content of your website should be plagiarism free.


Server and Resources

Avoiding using the shared server because it impacts the speed of your website and will also make it easy for the attack of hackers. There will be an impact on your influence your sales and reputation of the store. Keep your magento ecommerce safe by choosing dedicated servers.


Poor theme of the website

Careful selection is required for the selection of the theme of your ecommerce website. You should not be choosing dull or poor combination of colors which doesn’t complement each other and your website. You should avoid using heavy templates because they decrease the loading of your website page.


Avoid Responsive Template

There is a significant need of responsive website designs and it is increased with the high demand of smartphones and tablets in the world. You must concern with your magento development service provider for designing and developing the responsive template.



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