Best Natural Indian foods to eat during Cough and Cold


The common cold is an upper respiratory infection. It is one of the leading causes of doctor visits and absenteeism from school and work. Winter is the presence of low temperature, especially in the atmosphere. In common usage, cold is often a subjective perception. A lower bound to temperature is absolute zero, defined as 0.00 K on the Kelvin scale, a sheer thermodynamic temperature scale.

Some of the main cold symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Colourless and fluid runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Tired
  • Moderate fever
  • Nasopharyngeal discharge (mucus in the throat)
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Thickening of mucus after a week
  • Cough often lasting more than a week.

Indian foods to eat during Cough and Cold

Concocting an effective home remedy for colds does not require extensive knowledge in herbalism. You also don’t need to get herbs with unknown and exotic names. Several natural home remedies are already in your kitchen, and these are very effective. Don’t also hesitate to try these 25 simple but useful tips to regain your energy!

At the first sign of a cold, suck on a zinc glaciate tablet every few hours. However, do not take it for more than a week. Too much zinc can weaken the immune system. Avoid those that contain citric acid or that are sweetened with sorbitol or menthol; these ingredients appear to decrease the effectiveness of the mineral. Protect yourself from colds, flu and disease with these 30 super simple tips to boost your immune system!

Take one 250 mg capsule of astragals twice a day, until you feel better. This herb used in traditional Chinese medicine stimulates the immune system and seems to fight colds and flu effectively. To avoid relapse, continue treatment for a week after your symptoms have gone. Learn more about the talus root and the power of herbal remedies.

Best Indian foods for Cough and Cold

Goldenseal to relieve the cure cold

Goldenseal stimulates the immune system and contains compounds that kill viruses, including the common cold. As soon as you start to feel sick, take 125 mg five times a day for five days. Goldenseal is also one of the ten effective natural remedies for diarrhea.

To relieve and cure colds with Indian food: Garlic

Garlic, a natural antiseptic, attacks cold viruses. If you are brave enough, put a small pod or half a pod in your mouth and inhale the vapors in your throat and lungs. When the effect becomes too strong, chew it and rub it with a glass of water. You will be surprised by these 13 benefits and virtues of garlic!

India food Ginger to relieve and cure colds

To relieve congestion when you have a cold, get horseradish or fresh ginger, grate the root and eat a small amount. To avoid stomach upset, take these plants at the end of the meal. Drink a cup of ginger tea. This rhizome helps block the production of substances that cause congestion in the bronchi and respiratory discomfort. It contains generals, natural cough suppressants. Learn about the health benefits of ginger… and its risks!

Indian foods To relieve and cure colds: Juniper oil

When the snow or the flu hits us, our immune system weakens, making our fight against the cold or other infections more difficult. Juniper oil boosts metabolism and strengthens our immune system to help us fight the virus faster. Make some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle to boost your metabolism.

Best Indian food To relieve and cure colds: Probiotics

In addition to improving gut health and digestion, probiotics boost the immune system and can protect against colds and flu. A 2009 study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children who took probiotics every day for six months reduced their incidence of viral infections, shortened the duration of diseases, and reduced the need for antibiotic prescriptions. Ask your pharmacist or family doctor for recommendations if you are unsure which ones are right for you. And take the dose recommended on the label. Take advantage of the many health benefits of probiotics by including them in your diet to fight inflammation, strengthen your immune system and improve your digestion.

Indian food Saltwater to relieve your stuffy nose

To relieve a runny nose when you have a cold, wash your nose with saltwater. Dissolve two teaspoons of coarse sea salt in a glass of distilled water or warm mineral water. Blow your nose and then instill the liquid in each nostril with a dropper.

Best Indian remedy To relieve your stuffy nose: Chicken soup

Chicken soup is an old and widely proven remedy for colds. It prevents neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, from gathering en masse and causing inflammation, thereby preventing large-scale production of mucus. Besides, the hot soup clears up the mucus. Add freshly chopped garlic to your soup; you will give your system a boost. In addition to destroying germs, garlic appears to stimulate the release of a particular group of natural killer cells that are part of the arsenal that the immune system uses to fight bacteria. To enhance the decongestant power of your soup, add hot pepper flakes.

Natural Remedies To relieve your stuffy nose: Hydrate yourself.

Drink plenty of water, at least eight 250 ml glasses per day, which will keep your mucous membranes moist and relieve various symptoms of the common cold, including dry eyes. Liquids also help clear up mucus and therefore make it easier to expel.

Also to clear the mucus, make sure the air in your house is sufficiently humid and warm and that the rooms are well ventilated. In your bedroom, install bowls of water near heat sources or operate the humidifier.

Natural treatment of Mustard bath to relieve your stuffy nose

Soak your feet in a mustard bath. In a bowl, mix one tablespoon of mustard powder in 1 litre of hot water. Mustard has the effect of diverting blood to the feet, which relieves congestion.

To relieve your stuffy nose: Water vapor

Boil water and pour it into a large bowl. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam through your nose for five to ten minutes. Do not get your face too close to water, as you may burn your skin or inhale hot vapors.

Indian tricks To relieve your stuffy nose: Thyme and eucalyptus

To increase the efficiency of your steam bath, add five to ten drops of thyme or eucalyptus essential oil to the water. Keep your eyes closed when you inhale steam, as essential oils and steam can irritate your eyes. You can replace crucial oils by putting a pinch of thyme and a pinch of fresh eucalyptus in a bowl of boiling water. Keep your head above the pan for at least ten minutes, trying to breathe deeply. Thyme and eucalyptus are among the top 10 essential oils for cold and flu relief.

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