Characteristics to Look for While Picking a Web Host Provider


Personal, professional, or business – whatever the goal is, having a website is not important except it is viewed and visited by people. A web hosting company allows the presentation of your website by connecting your website to the Internet and placing it on the World Wide Web.

Whether you are planning to put your new website on the web or to shift from one web hosting company to another, you require to take the advice of a professional and trustworthy company. Here are a few points you require to study while picking one hosting company.

Server Options

Broadly, there are three main hosting options for your business website – shared web hosting, VPS Servers, and dedicated Servers.

Between the three, the shared web host is popular and cost-effective. In a shared web host, sources like disk storage, processors, memory capacity, safety features, etc., are shared with various websites. Protection and other preservation things are taken care of by the hosting provider making it hassle-free for you. For a new or small website (say 40,000 to 50,000 unique visitors or less per month), sharing is recommended.

If you need to get the hosting with more resources and customized opportunities, you can go for VPS hosting. Here, you will be sharing the sources with other accounts on the server but some portions of those sources are continuously dedicated to your account. Simply placed, you will have higher power and adaptability.

The dedicated web host is for those looking for premium-level sources for their website. Though, it is quite costly and may need exceptional professional skills concerning website set-up and maintenance.

Uptime Guarantee

Up-time is one of the important points to look for. Up-time, in usual, is the time your website is working on the web.

A web host that serves 24/7 and 365 days a year and keeps your website active all the time is assumed to have a 100% up-time score. Pick a hosting company with more than 99% up-time score. There are several review sites where you can check the up-time score of the web hosting company on the Internet and choose one.

Back-up Detention Time

Websites can break anytime due to system bangs or sometimes due to hard disk breakdown. In such circumstances, you should be ready to restore your website swiftly and efficiently. To do this, your website should have a back-up.

A good web host provider takes full back-up constantly and assists you to restore your website after the collision. Ask your provider what their retention time is. That is, how frequently they take back-up – daily, weekly, or once in a while.

Add-on Domain Range

You may need many domains or sub-domains in the future. For this, you need more webspace and support to add many domains or sub-domains on your web host. Check and verify this before you pick a hosting company. Monitor for how many domains your server would provide to add (for example 10, 20, etc.) and check if it is free or paid. If it is paid then ask, is it paid for one time or on a monthly bases?

Specialized Customer Support

Difficulties may occur anytime. So, the hosting provider should be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all over the year to speak your issues.

Several hosting providers offer online ticketing services. It is effective if they provide 24/7 chat support and phone support.

Besides availability, you should also see if the special support team of a company is technically sound and qualified to determine your issues soon.

Pricing Plans

Once you are confident of the web hosting in Pakistan that it satisfies your demands, see their pricing plan – contract time, discounts, removal process, etc. Though, pricing shouldn’t be the only standard for choosing the best provider.

Various providers offer discounts if you take their service for a lengthy time – yearly or half-yearly. We recommend you go for monthly plans for the first few months. Never go into long time commitments without examining the authenticity and service of the hosting company.


This is essential if you are anticipating the growth of your website quickly. Consult with the provider the process of scaling up to more utilization of resources or changing from shared to a dedicated web host.

Client reviews

This is the simplest way to understand more about the provider. Check the reviews to see what the current clients are saying about the company. Actual customer reviews enable you to find and make the right judgment.

Some other points that you should look for while picking a web host provider

  • Disk space and bandwidth they are giving
  • Adaptability with famous CMS like MySQL, PHP, etc.
  • Smooth install options of CMS

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