Children in the Virtual Reality


The connection between the underage users and the virtual reality is unexplored and controversial. For the meantime, children had been increasingly aware of the VR.

Valeriy Kondruk, the CEO of Ascape the VR travel platform, states that the app downloads during March 2020 and increased by 60% when compared with December 2019 and this has been doubled in link with January 2020. Kondruk said that the busiest month of most VR companies is during December, which is linked with winter holidays where people are spending more of their time at home.

During the early 2016, the VR headsets became available commercially with offers. Up to this day, there are still brands that have different age direction for the users this indicates a totally self-regulatory policy. The studies show that younger children can respond behaviorally and cognitively to immersive VR. The VR places users straight into the media subject, possibly making the encounter very real and vivid for the children.

The studies on the VR consumer behavior and its effect on the children and the code of ethical conducts involving the underage users are exclusively needed, provided with the availability of the VR violent and porn content. The related research on video game violence suggested that exposure to the media violence can affect attitudes, self-concept and behavior. Self-concept is the key indicator of the hub attitudes and the coping abilities, mainly with adolescents. The early studies conducted while observing VS participating in the violent VR games suggested some aggressive thoughts and physiological arousal, but not the hostile feelings, are even higher for the participants than for the observers of the VR games.

Encountering the VR by children can further involve concurrently holding the thought of the virtual world within mind whilst still experiencing the actual physical world. The excessive usage of the immersive technology that had that very salient sensory feature can compromise the ability of the children to maintain the policy of a physical world, mainly when wearing the VR headset that hinders the location of the objects in a physical world. The immersive VR will also give the provide users with the multisensory experiences that duplicates reality or make scenarios that are not possible or are dangerous in this physical world.

The Best VR Apps for Children

Remember that not all VR encounters are suggested for the children, but the virtual reality apps had been developed especially for these kids.

VR games and apps had been the coolest thing that a child can try on, but there are some of them that are not suggested for children’s use. But, the gaming companies and the developers understand that the marketplace had the niche of kids under 18 who wanted to experience that excitement of using VR. Initially we had educational applications used in schools. Parents today can find numerous of VR games and apps which are child-friendly which can also keep the little ones busy when they are in their long car trips or during commutes

The special world for the special consumers

Increasing VR apps for the kids is really challenging. The app and the game creator have to take into an account the kind of game actions and topics advisable for the kids, and also the technical requirements in protecting the developing brains from surprises.

VR may motion sickness and nausea for the adults and children and that is why there’s no such a wide present of the VR apps for the children compared to the apps suggested for the adults. It needs more work, stricter standards, and more tests before the app will be approved and completed for distribution.

But, there are quite numerous of the VR apps and games that can keep the children amused and help them to learn something new but in a funny way.

Here are the top picks for the children:

  1. InMind VR – this is one of those exciting VR apps who wanted to learn just how their brain is working. With this free game, a user is being shrunk to a microscopic size and then being sent inside the human brain. The role of the player is to destroy and identify the bad neurons with the laser rays.

The children will learn here about the different parts of the brain, how the neurons are communicating with each other and the functions they have. This game can be availed Oculus store, App Store, Google Play and Steam.

  1. Fantastic Contraption VR – kids love to play Lego pieces and building blocks. The creators observed that there are very few virtual reality applications that challenge the vivid imagination of kids in building different machines. Here, the more complex and highest the machine is, the better chance gamers stand in solving puzzles and earning rewards.

We may probably never see like this machine in real life, however, we didn’t believe VR could be anything and only a Sci-Fi film gimmick. This game works for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

  1. Peronio Pop-Up Books – it brings together VR and AR in an interactive and fun game. The players will get to identify Peronio, the little boy who cannot decide what he wanted to become when he grow up. The gamers will have the mission in helping Peronio, through solving many different puzzles, in trying on different professions and discovering the funny side of each of them.

This game can be availed for free in both the iOS and the Android and also on the Oculus Gear VR. This may be played without or with a VR headset.

  1. Tilt Brush – almost everybody that owned the PC computer had opened a Microsoft Paint program then tried their hand with painting. Those art works never saw a day light, and normally went straight to a Recycle Bin. The kids now may unleash the creativity inside them with the Tilt Brush, this one of those best VR apps for paints in 3D.

There will no limitations to what the little Picasso may do: use different brush strokes, add stars, streaks of burning flame and paint with light. This game works for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift.

  1. Lamper VR – with this game, a player became a little cute bug who had to take that perilous and long journey. Spider webs, tree branches and the carnivorous plants are just some of the obstacles that have to dodge, while still being on their lookout for power boosters and gold coins.

These are just of the many VR apps made for younger children which are all exciting to play.

In this Virtual world, enjoy these games with your family.


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