Complement the Style and Design of your Home with Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Do you want your home and living space to reflect your taste and personality? Are you one of the few people who have an eye for detail and do not compromise on the design and finish? If yes, then luxury vinyl flooring is for you. Luxury vinyl is a robust, waterproof flooring solution that replicates the look of real hardwood or stone without making a hole in your pocket. Luxury vinyl flooring is intelligently designed with multiple layers that extend the features, design, and overall maintenance of this beautiful and wonderful flooring option. Let us explore the main features of luxury vinyl flooring that make it so popular and famous all over the world.

Easily Affordable and Cost Effective

This has to be the one of the most important features or aspects of luxury vinyl flooring. When compared to other traditional flooring options like solid hardwood or engineered, luxury vinyl is relatively cheaper and can be easily affordable for people with limited flooring budget. This type of flooring helps bring sophisticated and luxury designs and styles to your living space at affordable prices.

Strong and Robust

This flooring solution is one of the most robust and durable flooring options available in the market today. As it is made up of strong and robust materials, luxury flooring is able to withstand the pressures in every environment, be it domestic, commercial, or industrial. This type of vinyl flooring can easily handle the heavy footfall and everyday wear and tear caused due to natural elements.

100% Waterproof and Versatile

Luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof with excellent grip and anti-slip features and also highly versatile. This versatile flooring solution is perfect for areas with heavy duty work and also in wet areas of households like kitchens and bathrooms. Because these areas often experience high fluctuations in moisture and temperature levels, traditional flooring solutions do not work efficiently. Therefore, vinyl flooring is a practical and pragmatic choice under these circumstances. Alternatively, the beautiful design and aesthetics of luxury vinyl make it an ideal choice for the main areas like dining and living rooms.

Excellent Conductor of Heat

Luxury vinyl is chosen over traditional flooring options on the account of being an excellent conductor of heat. Unlike other flooring materials like hardwood or tiles, vinyl flooring provides excellent heat underfoot and also acts like a cushion for a comfortable feel. Vinyl flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating to help conduct and distribute the heat evenly across the entire floor.

Easy and Hassle-Free Maintenance

One of the very many advantages of luxury vinyl is of easy and effortless maintenance. When compared to other traditional flooring options, you can be a little tough when cleaning vinyl flooring. This is because of the absence of a protective layer, traditionally found in hardwood or engineered wood flooring. The very basic and simple everyday cleaning and mopping is good enough to maintain the look of this amazing vinyl flooring. For anything tougher you can also use some chemical cleaners as luxury vinyl is resilient to chemicals as well.

Innovation and Bespoke Designs

With vinyl flooring you can choose from a wide variety of options in terms of style and design. The advancement in science and technology has revolutionized the flooring industry as well. Today you can get really creative and innovative designs to complete the look of your dream home. What’s more is that nowadays flooring companies are also offering customized and bespoke designs so that the customers have the freedom of designing as per their individual taste and preferences. People who like contemporary design and style often opt for mosaic and checkered patterns while many look for a modern twist experiment with bold colours and striking configurations.

Effortless Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is easy and effortless to install compared to traditional flooring options like hardwood, stone, or ceramic. You can choose between click vinyl flooring or the stick down option as per your convenience. The best part of luxury vinyl is that it can be installed over the existing floor as long as it is smooth, flat and maintains its structural integrity. This type of flooring is so user friendly that you can actually go on for your very first DIY project. Click vinyl flooring option is one in which each plank simply laid out with a click locking system, also found in laminate flooring. Whereas in the stick down option, you need to attach the tile using an adhesive, hence the name stick down.

Convenient and Economical Replacements

Many times, accidents and mishaps happen, and the flooring might get damaged. When you opt for vinyl flooring, it is much easier and cheaper to replace it as compared with other flooring solutions. This is because in the case of vinyl, it is sold as separate, individual tiles and hence it is relatively economical and convenient to repair and replace them. You can simply replace the plank or tile that got affected rather than redoing the entire floor


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