Concrete Pile Slab & Concrete Footing Size Calculator


Concrete Size Foundation Calculator for Piles, Slabs, Footings, Pads and Foundations

This concrete foot design calculator helps engineers design foundations for foundations, combined foundations, piles and more … The software includes calculations for tilting, sliding, structural tools (one way shear, two way shear, bending X and Y bending) and more – according to AS 3600 and ACI 318. The free tool will also calculate the volume of conrete in your design.

 This online foot calculator is a simplified version of our Foundation / Foundations Design Software , which is able to handle more loads and foundation types, including combined foundations and non-symmetrical insulated soles. Just start by selecting your design code, and start adding or editing the dimensions of the base using width, height and depth parameters. The figure will update itself automatically.

 Need More Functionality?

 Full Calculation Reporting for Concrete Slab Size Calculator

Get a detailed calculation report to show the measures taken to calculate the generated concrete foundation foot results. No black box and get a full report of the foundation design from ACI, EN and AS.

Extra Foundation Types

Design combined foundations, non-symmetrical insulated soles, pile caps and much more with the complete SkyCiv Foundation Design and Analysis Software.

 No limits!

No limits on loads, soil layers and reinforcement. Get your work done today with the full version of SkyCiv Concrete Foundation Design Software.

 Concrete Foundation Size Footing Calculator

This easy-to-use tool helps engineers calculate some key results for insulated and combined foundations. These include tilting, dimension requirements, sliding, ground pressure, one way and two way shearing and bending capacity ratios. This gives the engineer a good indication of whether the foundation will succeed or fail. The calculator is equipped with interactive graphics, multiple load types, built-in gain and powerful calculation reporting. Some of these features are excluded from the free version, but feel free to visit our Foundation Design Software page for more information on full version features and capabilities.

 Concrete Pile Size Calculator

This general purpose foundation calculator is able to calculate concrete piles and longer foundations. This can be designed under the context of ACI 318 or AS 3600 (and AS 2159 for the bottom). This concrete pile software will give results for axial bending, end bearing, bending *, * lateral and shear * controls. Note: Results with an asterisk (*) are available under the paid version.

Concrete Pad Size Calculator

Along with the overturn, shear and concrete utility ratios, the calculator will also calculate the volume of the concrete in your pad foot. The result will return the cubic feet of concrete for metric systems and cubic feet for British unit systems. This calculator calculates the amount of concrete needed for your insulated foundations, for fast envelope backside calculations and estimates.

 Foundation for Design and Analysis

Further foundation design can be calculated based on our full version version Foundation Design Software. This software will allow the calculation of the ACI 318 and AS 3600 concrete legs (also known as concrete foundations) with full load capabilities and results. This includes a detailed report of the calculations and additional design features. This Design Software foundation can also be used to calculate and design concrete piles according to AS 3600 (AS 2159) and ACI 318 with multiple base layers, additional loading options and no restrictions.


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