Converting m³ and m² to liter: How much paint do I need?


Do you want to calculate how many liters of paint you need per m³ for your paint job? Then you have to take into account different things, such as the type of paint, the covering power, the suction power of the surface and of course the entire surface of the room in square meters (m²). In this blog we would like to explain how you can convert m³ or m² to liters of paint, so that you know how much paint you need for a given surface.

What is m³?

m 3 is the symbol for the cubic meter capacity. 1 m³ corresponds to the volume of a cube of 1 meter long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter high. We often also speak of a cubic meter.

What is m²?

m² is the content symbol for the volume measure of square meters. A square meter corresponds to a flat surface, such as a wall, 1 meter wide by 1 meter long. The length times the width in meters therefore indicates the complete area in m².

Convert m³ to liters

One m³ corresponds to 1000 cubic decimeters (dm³). And cubic decimeters are then equal to liters. So, a cube of 1 m³ will hold 1000 liters.

Of course you are not going to fill your entire cube, or in this case space, with just paint. You would like to know how much paint you need to paint the walls, floor or ceiling. These are flat surfaces, without heights or depths. In that case we speak of square meters, or m².

Calculate area in m²

You would like to know how many liters of paint you need for your paint job. For this you calculate painting the surface area of   the wall, ceiling or floor to be painted in m². You do this by multiplying the length of the wall by the width of the wall in meters.

Example: 2.4 meters in length X 6.5 meters in width = 15.6 m². You do this for all walls that you want to work in the same color and with the same type of paint. All in all, your total surface.

 convert m² to liters of paint

Now that you have calculated the area, you can buy wall paint . Every type of paint is different. the amount of liters you need depends on the covering power and the number of layers to be applied. Normally you apply 1 to 2 layers of primer and 2 to 3 layers of lacquer.

Because every type of paint is different, you cannot immediately convert m² into the required liters of paint. However, we can determine on the basis of an average that you paint about 8 m² with a liter of standard wall paint and about 14 m² with a liter of standard paint.

 In the case of the above calculation, we are going to paint a wall of 15.6 m². based on the average we therefore need 2 liters of wall paint for this job per layer. If you want to apply 3 layers, you normally only need 6 liters of wall paint for this wall.

 How many liters of paint do I need exactly?

First, you cannot assume an average amount of gallons of paint. Fortunately, almost every paint manufacturer communicates the covering power of the type of paint concerned and how many m² you can paint approximately with a liter of paint. This allows you to estimate how many layers you need to apply and ultimately how much paint you need.

 If we want to paint the wall of 15.6 m², we use, for example, Wijzonol Wall Paint Mat . This paint for interior walls can be ordered in different quantities and in different colors that you can mix yourself. Wijzonol indicates that this wall paint covers approximately 7 to 9 m² per m². We start from the lowest, because you don’t want to run out of paint if you still have to paint a little bit. In that case we need 2.3 liters of paint per layer. Because this wall paint is perfectly opaque, two layers are probably enough for you. We therefore need 4.6 liters of wall paint for this paint job.

You will always find the covering power and an indication of the consumption in our specifications on the product page of the paint.

 Get started right away!

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