What’s the difference between semi-permanent eyebrows and Microblading?

semi-permanent eyebrows and Microblading

Eyebrows are the most significant part of our facial feature, and Women loves to maintain sharp, defined eyebrows throughout the year. But it is not possible to keep sharp, artistic eyebrows all the time. We can’t go to the parlour every month because of this coronavirus and lockdown situation.

But now you don’t need to worry about your eyebrows. Here we will talk about two treatments: semipermanent eyebrows and Microblading, and discuss which treatment is long-lasting and offer a natural look. So stay with us and go through this article.


What are Semipermanent eyebrows?

Eyebrow tattooing is analogous to any other tattoo. Your tattoo artists puncture your skin with a tattoo needle. Then pour ink and hooked up to the power source. The drawing of the eyebrows has been done with repetitive penetration of the needle with a quick trapping motion. Thus, the link goes to the deeper layer of the dermis. Semipermanent tattooing offers a long-lasting result, though colours may fade over time. Eyebrow tattooing is a painful process. And it is difficult to remove.

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What is Microblading treatment?

Microblading is the process performed by a well-trained eyebrow artist. This type of eyebrow technique offers natural-looking fuller eyebrows. They used to apply a numbing cream and make a small incision recreated in the brow, which is similar to your natural hair. These small incisions are occupied with eyebrow pigment. It is a relatively painless procedure than semipermanent tattooing.



If someone asks which cosmetic procedure is best for you, we will give you a thorough comparison. Our comparison will make you understand which treatment is being able to offer an excellent outcome


Permanent vs Impermanent


The most significant and considerable difference between eyebrow tattooing and microblading is the longevity of each treatment’s outcome.

Eyebrow tattoos are considered to be permanent or semipermanent. Once the ink has been applied to your skin, it will be there for a longer period (although you can expect undesirable fading after some years). Once your eyebrow tattooing has been done, it would become your forever asset unless you remove it with tattoo removal treatments.

Semipermanent tattooing is highly distinctive from microblading treatment, where the consequence lasts for six months to one year. Here the eyebrow artist does not make intense punctures, and pigment does not go deep layer of the skin. Therefore, the microblading ink fades away gradually with time. It is not a long-term procedure. To make the treatment long-lasting, your eyebrow artist may suggest touch up treatment.But the positive thing is that microblading is minimally invasive than tattoo treatment. Microblading allows you to alter the appearance of your unshaped, imperfect eyebrows.


Microblade Pigment vs Tattoo Ink


Microblading pigments come in different varieties, such as organic and inorganic, in various colours. In microblading treatment, the ink is specifically created to achromatize into a lighter version of the ink. Therefore, patient enjoy their natural appearance. Therefore, eyebrow artists say that microblading ink gradually gets more lightweight, but the tone remains the same.


But in the case of tattoo ink semipermanent makeup, the ink is highly pigment. Pigment variation creates a considerable impact. Because intense ink needs a lot of time to fade away, on the other hand, the semipermanent tattoo ink leaves a blue-green colour tint, especially around the edge. Black tattoo ink is infamous for converting green or blue. The dark pigment used to fade faster. But it looks very odd and unnatural.


Blading vs Needling

Microblading is entirely performed with a handy tool that shapeup the upmost layer of the skin. Microblading technique is less painful than tattooing. It is less harmful to your skin, leads to a quick recovery method. In Microblading, you need a very small amount of pigment; therefore, there is no chance into the adjacent part.


But in the case of tattooing, it is completely done with a machine, it penetrates deep layer of your skin. The tattoo is usually a lot more tormenting Here artist makes a puncture that is deep enough. To cover the hole, you need a good amount of ink, it increases the chance of colour bleeding around the encircling area. The recovery time is longer than microblading, because skin need much time to heal from the injury leads by the intense needle puncture


Fine Lines vs Filled Brows

A well-trained microblading artist is expertise at hand-drawing eyebrow lines, which is visibly similar to natural eyebrows. Microblading offers a natural shape and looks for individual eyebrow hair. The artists blend in these lines with natural eyebrows to make an often identical and realistic appearance.

But in the case of semipermanent tattooing, the well-trained tattoo artist finds it problematic to accomplish the striking lines of microblading with the help of a tattoo needle. Tattooing is not a precise technique and is unable to offer a realistic look. The tattooed browse shows a more solid and artistic eye. It acts as a brow filler rather than a natural appearance.

Natural-looking Outcome

Microblading has the ability to give you a pair of eyebrows similar to inborn eyebrows. But tattooing offers flat and dramatic eyebrows. It happens because the microblading techniques concentrate on individual hair-like strokes, which follows the hair growth pattern of your actual eyebrows. A well-trained microblading technician can offer you a denser version of natural eyebrow hair.


Tattooing is comparatively painful than microblading if they are performed in a sensitive area. The microblading technique is a minimally invasive procedure deals with more minor discomfort than tattooing. In semipermanent tattoo procedure, the eyebrow artist makes deep punctures of your skin.

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Most women reviewed the feeling microblading procedure as the tweezing. We have discussed the pros and cons of semipermanent tattooing and microblading. Before taking any decision, you must take consultation from a skin specialist in UAE and ask her which technique is suitable for you. Your eyebrow artist will check your problem then suggest you the best treatment for you.   


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