Effective Onion Home Remedies


Onion has been used since ancient times as a medicine and food-substance.  In the adjacent places of Charaka and Sushrat, there is a discussion of their religion and Harit – Samhita Palandu Vata Kafapatha, Palandu Shul Gulam Nat, etc. are mentioned.  Of diseases like blood, bile, bleeding, emaciation, etc.  Maharishi Charak presented its use in the hospital.  Deodorant in onions and  Due to its aphrodisiac and anti-human properties, the use of onion as a diet in manusmati etc. is prohibited.

But the onion is very useful.  Is matter.  Very much everywhere, it is disastrous to consume more than this justice.  More use of it may lead to neuralgia – excitement and unhealthy orgasms.  Onion contains bitter, pungent, flammable oils, centrioles of glands, exudates containing a yellow dye called avascular dye, tuberculosis, leucorrhoea, sugars, algae, liquids, calcium citrate, and alkali.  A colorless clean oil is found in the seed which works come in medicine.

Qualities and uses from the Ayurvedic point of view – Guru, pungent, balsamic, sweet, sweet, warm, sweet, sweet, delicious, lighted, Anglomania, kichitkaf – gall bladder diuretic, eutectic, spiritual factor, affection, research, writing – Braj   Digestive, exudative, bead razas and enhancing properties, Bajikarkar, Venus, Strengthening, Tainted phlegm, Agnimaghan, sexual intercourse, Vatyavadhi, Yoshapasmar, Constipation, hemorrhage, Kamala, Pseudo-haemorrhage, Kas, Urinal, Clavya, Raja-Drishti, Vishika (Cholera), etc. are very useful.

Onion is particularly useful in physical formation and beauty.  It increases blood in the body and especially enhances the beauty and beauty of the woman. White and red are the main usage of these two colored onions.  Their properties are different.

White onion – is beneficial in gur, sweet, pasty, balsamic, beneficial, stabilizing metals, booster boosters, phlegm, body nourishing, blood pressure.  Garlic in red onion.  It is pungent, cold, gallbladder, phlegm free, siphon, hypnotic, old age, and balsamic.  Nado binds it by heating its paste in colic and bronchitis.

The classic satire adopts its tone or color in primitive or facial disorders.  Vata _ pain, stomach pain, asafoetida, asafoetida, black salt mixed in it, and drink it to the patient.  Will get benefit  After getting nose, smell onion juice, and take nerves, you will get relief.  In the vihara samhitakar, the onion is said to take the leaf syllable as a vein.  Head  In insomnia, feeding raw onion or heating its juice mixed with salt provides relief from burning sensation of the body, etc.  Grind fine onion in a headache and rub it on the soles of pulp or boil, it ends body pain.

In the urine, cook ten grams of onion in 500 grams of water, when half the water is left So after taking it down, filter it and give it to the patient on cooling, it will be beneficial.  If you get nervous due to tobacco or betrayed betel leaf, the discomfort increases, feeling nauseous, then giving one to two spoons of onion juice is beneficial.  In rheumatoid arthritis disorder and other diseases of fire, spleen, spleen and jaundice, cook onions with vinegar and feed the patient.

Grinding onion juice with alcohol is beneficial.  If you have fever in children, give honey mixed with onion juice and drink two or three spoonfuls thrice a day.  Fry onions in the stomach.  Crush juice and squeeze black salt into it and mix it with a sauce;  It should be fed 2-3 times.  To fry white onion in-ear disorder or pain, then after grinding it, pouring it in the ear after grinding it is beneficial.  Putting the onion juice in the ear in the light gives relief.  Onion lumps to avoid louse in summer.

It does not cause heatstroke, To remove the weakness of mustache, onion casserole, twenty tolas, pure honey, 40 tolas, cook both, if they are grated like sugar syrup then grind cinnamon, galangal, salam mishri, ungrounded, white muslin, a karakia, one and a half fine powders, five grams of saffron all in one.  Mix, take half a teaspoon of morning milk or milk.  Injury – sprain with turmeric onions.  Mixing Kaduva oil after grinding and heating provides comfort from the hot lane bond.  Vaidya should be consulted under special circumstances.


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