Essential Practices to Consider Before Selling a Used Car


Selling a used car at a fair price and in a hassle-free manner can be a daunting task for a car seller who is not familiar with the process. These usually include an inexperienced or first-time car seller who is likely to make a mistake during the process ending up with a loss. To avoid such problems, a car seller can learn about the car selling process by undertaking thorough research. Once they have familiarized themselves with the best practices, they will be able to undertake a more comprehensive and convenient car selling process to get the best price for their used car.

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Given below are some common practices that car sellers must undertake before they sell their used car. These will ensure that the car sells with ease and gets a fair price.

Preparing the Vehicle for the Car Selling Process

A used car undergoes wear and tear with use so a car seller must carefully evaluate the condition of their car before they begin the car selling process. Hiring a mechanic for this stage is ideal as they can thoroughly check the vehicle’s physical and mechanical condition. A mechanic can identify the underlying issues and suggest viable solutions. They can also advise the car seller about the repairs that will help the car’s resale value.

Undertaking the necessary repair and maintenance efforts is the first step any car sellers must consider once they decide to sell their vehicle. After this, they can give the vehicle a thorough wash to make it look presentable for the car buyer. During the car wash, the car seller must make sure that they do not use products that contain harmful chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. They must purchase car cleaners for this purpose to avoid any damage to the vehicle before meeting the buyer.

Before beginning the car wash, the temperature of the exterior must be checked to ensure it is not very hot. If the exterior is hot, it will leave water spots on the vehicle after the wash. It is also recommended to wash the vehicle in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. To simplify cleaning of the interior, car seats can be cleaned with a vinyl cleaner instead of washing them. If car seats are washed, they will take a long time to dry off and in case they have not dried they will exude a pungent smell inside the cabin. The water that is withheld in the car seat cushions can also lead to molding.

Evaluate the Resale Value of the Used Vehicle

The car seller must have an idea about the potential of their used car in the market. This can be accomplished if they consult a reliable platform for evaluating the resale value of the vehicle. Car sellers can find out the estimated resale value through the online car valuation tool of a specialist car buying company. They need to provide basic information about the used vehicle such as the make, model, age, and mileage, and the estimate is provided in a few seconds. This is the most convenient and accurate way to determine the resale value estimate of a used vehicle without stepping out of the house.

Determining the Best Platform for Selling a Used Car

Car sellers have a variety of options for selling used cars including car dealerships, classified websites, and specialist car buying companies. Car sellers must be careful while choosing the platform for selling the vehicle as the car selling experience and the price for the vehicle will vary with each. Therefore, it is best to research and understand what each platform has to offer before picking one. Here are a few essential factors that must be considered about each platform:

Selling through a Classified Website

Car sellers get the freedom to manage the car selling process when selling through a classified website, however, this can be problematic for inexperienced sellers. They must place an ad on the platform that includes pictures of the vehicle, information about it, contact information, and expected price. The car seller can then wait for an interested buyer to approach them after viewing the advertisement. They must manage every aspect of the process themselves without getting any aid from the classified website.

The pricing of the vehicle can be tricky as there is no unified framework provided to the car seller. Most car sellers end up comparing the prices of other car sellers on the platform and setting a competitive price. This can be misleading as the car seller may end up with an exaggerated number making it difficult for them to find a serious buyer.

Selling through Car Dealerships

Some car sellers rely on car dealerships as they are professionals with years of experience in the industry. They will offer car sellers a price that is below the market value of the vehicle so that they can make maximum profit from the deal. Car dealerships are likely to charge a fee for providing an estimate to the car sellers as well. Some car dealerships also deal exclusively in some brands, so they do not cater to every car seller’s need.

Selling through Specialist Car Buying Companies

If a car seller decides to sell through a specialist car buying company, they can determine the market price estimate through the company’s car valuation tool. They can then proceed to book an appointment for a physical inspection of the vehicle. The vehicle can be taken to any of the branches of the specialist car buying company where it will be inspected by the car experts. The final price of the vehicle will be provided once the inspection is done.

If the car seller accepts the offer, they can sign the sale agreement with the company. The post-sale paperwork is prepared by the specialist car buying company. Once the vehicle has been deregistered, the payment is transferred through an electronic bank transfer. Car sellers can sell their vehicle in a 100% hassle-free manner through a specialist car buying company and get the best price for it.

Bottom Line

Car sellers must prepare well for the car selling process as this will help them get a better price and overall experience while selling their car. The above-mentioned practices must be adopted by every car seller before they begin the car selling process.


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