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Getting Your Home Winter Ready


It’s simple really, homes deteriorate quickly unless they are given attention by their owners. Fall is a perfect time to start thinking about your home maintenance as well as getting it ready for the colder weather that can cause many problems.

 Importance of weatherproofing your home

Winter is the time when most areas get significant amounts of rain, ice and snow, in combination with winds and sustained low temperatures. Did you know even the tiniest opening you see around doors and windows can allow moisture to get into your house while they let heat go out.

 Additionally, by sealing drafts, you can significantly reduce your Dominion Energy bill as figures indicate that most homeowners in the U.S. waste up to twenty-five percent of the heated air because of drafty doors or windows. If you really want to significantly reduce those electricity bills, you need to weatherproof your house and create an energy efficient home.

 Without weatherproofing, it’s not just energy that will be lost. This will also make air conditioning or heating units must work extra hard to do their job and therefore, directly increase the odds of wear and tear. Weatherproofing your home will greatly contribute to optimal performance of your systems and help them last longer, saving you even more money from repairs.

 Getting your home winter ready

Here are a few simple tips that can keep your home happy and ready to withstand winter.

 Make sure your HVAC is well-maintained

Before temperatures drop too much, take this time to change your filters or install a system that will let you know once they need to be replaced. It’s much better to find an HVAC problem while you are not freezing.

 Take care of exterior wood

Make sure that the wood does not rot by keeping it painted and caulked, otherwise, you’re in for a big expense and even professionals tend to struggle to make those repairs look good. A simple test is to see whether the wood is protected is to pour some water on it. If it’s absorbed, it’s time to clean and seal your deck.

 Prepare your lawn and/or yard for winter

If you want a beautiful yard in the spring, you must not neglect to take care of it in the fall. If you have a patio or a driveway, make sure they are protected and make sure you re-patch any cracks before resealing.

 Clean your gutters and chimney

A good chimney sweep ensures the fireplace is safe to use. Keep in mind that winter is the time most house fires happen. Moreover, you don’t want to lose heated air up your chimney.

 Winter efficiency tips

If you’ve never had one, an energy audit is always a good investment that can help you significantly reduce your utility bill in the winter. Here are a few simple ideas that can make your home more energy-efficient.

 Lower your thermostat

Each one-degree reduction, if maintained for eight hours, could reduce your energy bill by 1 percent. You can save even more with a programmable thermostat that will help you control your energy costs. More precisely, you could save up to 10 percent on your heating bill by programming your thermostat to be at a lower temperature at night and after you leave the house.

 Put a rug

You’ll additionally insulate the floor and cut down the noise.

 Use the right size of fireplace wood

You want the pieces to be 4-6-inches in diameter for the wood to burn more cleanly with more surface area exposed to the flame.

 Use energy-saving technology

Sustain energy by integrating automatic timers, motion sensors, dimmers, and solar cells at your house. You can also install LED light bulbs and simply turn off the lights when you will be away for more than 15 minutes. Not to mention you can always use the power of sunshine by opening the drapes on sunny days to profit from the “free” heat.


Take the time to protect your house, it is your home and your investment. Getting your home ready for winter will keep you warm when it’s cold outside and save you money on your energy bills.

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