How Can You Improve The Service Life Of A Tractor?


Machines are the backbone of various sectors, like agriculture, industrial, constructional, etc. In India, many popular brands such as Mahindra tractor, Swaraj tractor, Sonalika tractor, etc. manufactured useful and beneficial machines. 

For better working, machines always need maintenance in a proper interval. If you properly serviced your machines from time to time, then your machine may last long. Machines are manufactured with many components which require a time to time servicing for long work. With the time to time maintenance, you may save money without any special effort. If you want to do service or maintenance at your home, you must follow these tips. 

Following are the essential tips to extend the longevity of machines. Without any delay, let’s start. 

Replace Lubricant At A Interval 

  • You start equipment service with lubricant change. 
  • All farm equipment is dependent on a lubricant for better functioning. 
  • The lubricant or oil keep the interior part of tractors clean to prevent soot formation. So, changing the lubricant at an interval is essential. 
  • You have to check the lubricant level, oil seal leaks, and excessive oil buildup regularly. 
  • Use lubricant according to the user manual or manufacturer of the machine. 
  • You have to use a right or enough amount of lubricant. If you use less oil, then it can increase the risk of friction, wear & tear. And excessive oil build grease that causes performance issues. 

Clean Machines 

  • Cleaning of any machine is also essential for good performance.
  • The soot, dust, dirt damages filters, cooling fans, vents, and seals that decrease the overall performance of machines over time. So, you have to check each part of the device carefully. 
  • To clean the part of machines use a hose which forcefully removes the dust and dirt particles. 
  • Some parts are available in machines like pins, iron chains, and brass bearings which are tricky to clean with the simple water hose. 
  • Advanced clean methods like power or pressure washing, steam cleaning, and acid washing, among others, is perfect for cleaning such parts.

Check Wear & Tear of Machinery

  • You have to check the wear and tear of your machinery. 
  • Poor operating habits, environmental factors, ageing, and accidents can cause wear & tear over time. 
  • Ageing affects the various vital components of machines like belts, seals, and bolts. E.g. belts warp over time, bolts may stretch or bend out of its original shape, and seals may crack or dry out. 
  • Hence, you have to check every part of the machinery for wear and tear. 
  • Poor operating habits, environmental factors are the main cause of the bad performance of machines. So, maintenance and checking of machine components will improve machines performance. 
  • After an accident, you have to check your machine’s condition because any major default occurs in the interior part of a machine due to accident. 
  • Apart from mechanical parts, you have to check electronics and electrical components as well. 
  • Due to extended use, temperatures rise that affect the wires and circuits of machines. So, after long-hour working, you should check the electrical and electronics parts of machines. 
  • You should check the motor, alternators, starters, and other electrical parts from time to time for smooth performance. 

Remember Performance Limitation 

  • Every equipment has a set of specific performance limitations which is essential for effective working. These limitations include maximum load capacity, a predefined range of operating temperature & pressure, and so on. 
  • You can check the user manual which comes with the machine, to know the performance limitations. 
  • Performance exceeding will decrease longevity and increase wear & tear. It also reduces the efficiency of the machine, resulting in accidents. 
  • These major injuries can increase cost and reduce productivity. 
  • Sometimes long hours or exceed work affect the engine and inner parts of the machine. With long work, it causes overheating. 

Trained Employees 

  • If you have less-trained employees, then it isn’t right for you and your work. 
  • A less trained machine operator is the reason for wear and tear, injuries, and equipment failure. 
  • So, you have to provide training to your employees. It is the best way to prevent failure, wear & tear, and injuries as they learn about the machine in detail. 
  • The state, local, and federal laws and policies are also essential to hire certified and trained employees to handle a specific type of heavy equipment. 
  • All your employees must know the working of operation, emergency action plan, and safety precautions. 
  • As a precaution, you should not allow your operators to use mobiles or any other distractions when using heavy machines. 

 Keep Record of Equipment Maintenance & Service in Detail

  • Keeping a record of equipment maintenance is essential for farmers. It makes the working future brighter and profitable. 
  • Through this habit, farmers will be able to regular maintenance and service. 
  • Checking and maintaining machines is a complicated process that needs a detailed record of each maintenance with date, time, part, technical specification, and the next service scheduled. 
  • Small farmers can use a spreadsheet for records of repairs, inspections, and replacements.
  • Large area farmers can use maintenance software to track maintenance activity. 
  • The software keeps records of all the maintenance and service of heavy equipment. The software includes UpKeep, e-PAC, and Innominate. 

By following these tips, you keep your machines in good condition and save a lot of money. If you want more information about Mahindra tractors, then stay connected with us. For the latest information related to agriculture, stay tuned with us.


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