How Much It Cost To Create A Mobile App?


Undoubtedly, mobile apps are ruling across every industry. From assisting in our complicating tasks to keeping the track of our mundane tasks, we are highly dependent on apps.

As per recent updates, there are around 204 billion mobile apps downloads globally. Thus, your app must include an exclusive USP to witness faster downloads and increase user engagement. However, to build a remarkable app you need a reliable app development company that offers exceptional services.

Before you choose your mobile app development partner, it is imperative to know how much it cost to create an app.

Many factors influence the estimate of cost and time in the mobile app development project. In this article, we’ll explore the various factors that revolve around the cost of building an app.


  1. Who is going to develop your app?

Are you going to hire freelancers, thinking to go for in-house development or want to outsource your project? These are a few most significant questions which have an enormous impact on development cost.

It depends on the scale of your app. If you are developing an app that your business is going to revolve around, you should consider hiring a dedicated app development agency that can bring great business outcomes. The basis on the portfolio, employment size, ratings, and reviews, you can search for the best mobile app development firm that fits perfectly in all your business requirements. It can cost you more than freelancers or in-house development teams; however, only one-time payment can bring incredible results in the future.

  1. Hybrid or Native App Development?

Native apps are built for particular platforms i.e. iOS or Android. Hybrid apps combines the functionalities of both native and web apps. The option you select, have a great impact on the development cost. Native apps require more time to develop but are quite fast and offer an intuitive user experience. On the other hand, hybrid apps don’t take much time to develop but their speed depends on their browser’s speed. Native apps cost higher than hybrid apps but bring results faster.

  1. If native then Android or iOS?

Every platform demands a different amount of development time thus the cost of both platforms differs. Android app development is cheaper than iOS app development but iOS apps reach out to users who financially sound. Thus, it can generate greater revenues when compared to any other platform. Android is always a great option when you want to reach masses with a limited budget. A scalable Android app development company can help in building feature-rich applications. Thus, your choice of platform plays a significant role in deciding the development cost of your app.

  1. What will be the core functionalities of your app?

The features you are thinking to incorporate in your app will design the cost structure of the app. More the number and complexity of features more will be the development time and more will be its cost. Knowing this, you must separate primary and secondary features of the app.  Here are some most common functionality integrations:

  • Managing Multiple User Profiles
  • Push Notifications
  • Feedback System
  • Social Integration
  • Augmented Reality
  • Google Indoor-Maps
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • QR/Barcode Scanner Integration

Whether you choose a top Android or iPhone mobile app development company, an experienced team of mobile app developers helps you select the right features for your app based on your app requirement. However, every app feature takes different time to implement which increases development efforts ultimately leads to higher development costs.

  1. What about backend?

Handling backend is no easy task. For this, you need either cloud-based or in-house database servers. Getting the latter one is an expensive choice. Again for this, you need to integrate third-party applications by using specific APIs. Different APIs will have different costs based on the popularity of those APIs. Many top mobile app development agencies help you successfully set up a strong backend which is entirely deterministic of the app development cost.

Takeaway Point

Mobile app development cost depends on several factors. It is difficult to state the right amount in the beginning however, different app cost calculators are launched by various reliable companies that help you get your estimates of your app idea in a few minutes. All you need to enter a few details about your app like features you need and you can get approximate mobile app development cost within minutes.


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