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How to Become a Lawyer: Career Short Guide


Here is the deal for you! This career short guide is going to tell you how to become a lawyer. 

In addition, if you have clearly decided to become a lawyer, then keep in mind you have to remain patient and dedicated while pursuing this degree.

This is an extremely and immensely rewarding professional line. In other words, it is rewarding with respect to being intellectually, financially, and also socially.

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Roles performed by lawyers:

The main and primary role performed by lawyers is to give their clients advice and also counseling regarding how to navigate and process their legal circumstances.

Furthermore, the roles and job tasks performed by lawyers are diverse in terms of numbers.

As an example, they can be arguing in a courtroom or you may see them interviewing witnesses. You may have seen lawyers preparing legal documents as well as advising clients.

These professionals are here to facilitate depositions and to conduct all kinds of legal research. 

You can specialize in business law and have a specialized degree in intellectual property law.

Besides, you can become an experienced lawyer in criminal law or the field of constitutional law.

Guide to becoming a lawyer:

This whole journey of becoming a lawyer does not get completed in an overnight time.

You have to give your time and money, money, and sweat while accomplishing this target of becoming a lawyer.

Now, let us check out this short career guide and get to know which those critical steps are needed that helps you in becoming a top lawyer:

1. Complete an undergraduate degree

The first step is to complete your undergraduate degree. This is the pre-law program that you have to pursue and go for.

Most importantly, in this pre-law degree program, your majors can be related to the subjects of French literature or environmental studies.

We have seen that some of the popular majors for all of the aspiring and prospective lawyers are usually and generally political science, philosophy, and also history.

2. Pass the test LSAT

This is an important exam that you have to clear. Make this your main goal to pass this exam with distinction.

If you get a high score in this exam, then you can easily get admission in the competitive law school programs.

3. Admit in the law school

All law schools demand from you to pass this above-mentioned exam. Your application will only be considered if you have passed the LSAT exam.

Your whole application is evaluated based on the scores you got in your GAT and LSAT exams.

4. Get a Juris Doctor degree

The next step is to get a Juris Doctor degree. To sit for any kind of bar exam, you should have this degree in your hands.

Pursue this degree from any of the accredited institutions.

5. Pass MPRE exam

Besides, you need to pass this MPRE exam because this exam is marked as a prerequisite exam for becoming eligible for the bar examination.

This MPRE exam is termed as a multistate professional responsibility examination. Furthermore, this one is a multiple-choice exam.

6. Sit and appear for the bar exam

The last step is to appear for the bar exam. Keep in mind that this is a formidable test and it lasts for two to three days.

Its passing rate is only 40 percent and an extensive and wide variety of legal knowledge of applicants is assessed in this exam.


This is all about the career short guide on becoming a lawyer. Job prospects and career success for all lawyers are indeed genuinely optimistic.

So, plan on becoming a lawyer and share with us your success journeys.

Keep tuned with us as more details on this career short guide are coming up.



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