How to Distinguish a Bad Logo and Tips to Avoid It?


The logo carries an immense prominence for brand identification. Therefore, it is necessary to create a design that is capable of fulfilling the requirements of a good logo. It should effortlessly let the audience understand what you do and what your brand is all about. This is the reason why designers should know the mistakes that may lead to the creation of a bad logo. This read will provide you some ‘don’ts’ while designing a logo. Next time you sit to design one, look out for those mistakes, and don’t worry if you have already made some of them. We have tips to make them better. Let us dive in!

Don’t Design Outdated Logos

This is the most common problem witnessed in a bad logo. Many are created that are outdated; they are created using techniques, effects, and visuals that do not run parallel to the modern techniques of designing. Such logos look as if created decades ago. They make use of 3D gradients, clipart, skeuomorphism, or some frequently used fonts. This practice in today’s date makes the logo have an outdated look. This is undoubtedly a characteristic of a bod logo.

How to Avoid It?

The solution to an outdated logo is to redesign it using the techniques of the 21st century. If you want to make it retro, make it as per the trend. You can purposefully give it a retro vibe using elements of vintage design. You may create a hand-drawn vintage look to make it all trendy that is up to date as well.

Detailed Logos Aren’t Scalable

Detailed logos are not exactly bad but they aren’t scalable. They are great for murals, billboards or vehicle wraps, etc. but when it comes to small scales, such as smartphones, pens, or even some business cards they are hard to read. Detailed logos are designed with many skills but it actually fails when it comes to visuals. This makes the logo indistinguishable.

How to Avoid It?

If you’ve created a detailed logo and don’t waste it, here’s the solution. Make use of responsive logos. It is a perfect alternative, designing variant logos for smaller scales. This actually means that you’ll the detailed logo for he large scale and create a different yet relatively similar one for the small scales.

Logos with Unrelated Imagery

This is also a very inn mistake among the designers where they do create good logos but mismatch it with images that are literally unrelated. Such web designs aren’t actually bad logos but they aren’t appropriate for that particular brand. A logo speaks for a brand and highlights its recognition. Such logo designs aren’t able to fittingly depict the brand and build customer loyalty so are considered bad for them.

How to Avoid It?

To design a logo that correctly depicts your brand recognition, you should stick with the images that are fully connected with your brand. It should perfectly reflect your company’s name or what it is all about. You have to be creative in this regard. You don’t have to design generic logos, instead make use of familiar yet iconic images for your logo. Logo Design UK is a great place to have logos designed in a way that is appropriate for your brand identification and avoids any type of mismatch images.

Vague Logos Don’t Speak for Your Brand

No matter if your logo seems good but if it is unable to say anything about your brand like what you do and who you are, then it’s totally a bad logo design. The logo design should fulfill the aim to explain to the audience what you do. Some logos are designed in a way that doesn’t offer any relevant information to the audience such as the company name or related images. Such logos could work well if they carry a bit more information about the brand.

How to Avoid It?

To correct the logo just add some related description to it and that’s all. You don’t have to write a whole speech on it. Just a few words to let the audience what’s your brand is about and what you do. This way your logo will not be misinterpreted.

Final Word

As you read till here, you must be knowledgeable about the don’ts that you should be mindful of while designing a logo. This will help you in a long run with your brand identification and recognition.


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