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How to do TV Mounting: Step by Step Guide


Have you recently bought a big, beautiful, flat-screen TV and can’t wait to put it on the wall? Who wouldn’t like to watch their favorite TV show in high definition? But if your TV is still packed, you might wonder where to put it on. You have options such as mounting it on a wall or putting it on a cabinet. However, there are some great reasons for tv mounting it on the wall.

For instance, less clutter, saves space, sleeker design, perfect angle, and ability to hide wires and cables. With all these benefits, you must consider mounting it on the wall. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it.

Before you Start Drilling

Before you start drilling holes in the wall, figure out the following things first. You can also get help from professional Residential TV Mounting services across Washington D.C.

Step 1: Right Tools

Firstly, make sure you have access to all the tools you’ll need in the mounting process. For example screwdriver, drill, stud finder, leveler, tape measure, pencil, etc.

Step 2: Placement of the TV

Most people consider their furniture or the couch and center it according to that. You might also want to place it above or below your entertainment center. While you want your TV to be at an aesthetically pleasing spot remember it should be at the eye level when you sit to watch it. The ideal placement is at the eye level.

Step 3: Target with Painters Tape

After deciding the placement, visualize it by laying down some painters tape. It will create ease and act as a reference when you’re installing the TV. Although, you can remove it later.

Step 4: Correct Wall Mount

Double-check that you have the perfect wall mount. They come in various sizes and types to support your TV. For instance, tilted, fixed, and full-motion, they allow the movement of your TV side-to-side and up and down. The wall mount you choose must be able to support your TV size as well as weight. For Commercial TV Mounting services in Washington D.C., contact EPMD Custom TV Mounting for the best experience.

Step 5: What to do with the Cords

Before mounting, decide where you’ll want to hide the cords at the end of the mounting process. Every TV has its cords which you can hide inside or outside the wall.

When it’s Time to Drill

When you’re done with all the above steps, it’s finally time to drill holes in the wall. Here’s a guide on what you need to do further. If you can’t do it yourself, it’s better to hire TV Wall Mounting Services from a professional.

Step 6: Determine where the Stud is

For this step, you’ll need a stud finder to determine where the wooden support beam is behind your wall. This step is important because without drilling into the wood, your wall won’t be able to support the weight of the TV. You shouldn’t drill a hole in just the hollow drywall alone, make sure your placement is correct.

Step 7: Placing the Screws

Next, you’ll need to mark where the screws will go. To avoid any potential mistake, hold the mount against the wall on the top of the stud, and mark with the help of a pencil. That’s where the screws will go, these marks will serve as a blueprint.

Step 8: Pre-drill the holes in the Stud

After your marking where the screws will go, you’ll need a drill machine. Now, carefully drill empty holes in the wall where you made marks before.

Step 9: Install Strap Toggle Bolts

The next step is installing strap toggle bolts in each screw hole. It’s a handy item that helps in anchoring the screws to the walls. They’re easily available at any local market as well as quick to install.

Step 10: Place the Wall Mount

Now place the wall mount against the wall with the help of a drill. Leave the screws loose so you can adjust properly. When you ensure it’s placed at the correct position, tighten the screws. Additionally, use a leveler to make sure your TV and mount are at the same level.

Step 11: Place the TV on the Mount

Once the mount is secure, place the TV on it. Make sure it can hold the weight of the TV. If it appears to be perfect, securely place it in the mount.

Step 12: Hide the TV Cords

The final step is to conceal the TV cords. Since they look messy hanging around it’s better to hide them. You can do it in two ways, external or internal.


In conclusion, after you’ve done all the above steps. Clean the area well, remove paint chips and dust the area which might have become messy due to drilling. After doing so, enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on your newly installed TV.




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