How to Give Your Space a Fresh Look With Home Accessories You Already Have


Holidays are coming and that makes the best time to revamp your home for a merrier celebration with your family. The thing is, home improvement as we know it can be quite an undertaking not only because it’s a strenuous job but also because of the mounting costs that it may require. 

Luckily, giving your space a complete makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to purchase new furniture and home accessories because all it takes is some clever redecorating of the cute pieces you already own. 

Instead of going crazy at a home depot or even IKEA, try our simple ways to help you enjoy a new look of your abode without breaking the bank. Here are some efficient decorating tips if you are on the tightest shoestring budget.

Rearrange the furniture.

A few tweaks on your old and usual furniture display can give a fresh perspective that will completely change the way you and your visitors look at your home. For instance, experiment with the living room sofas and side tables to transform the room without swapping them out for new ones. You can try flipping the movables to face the other direction or move a piano set near the window for a different angle. Just play with your furniture pieces until you find an ideal arrangement you’re looking for.   

Decorate with nature. 

Bringing nature indoors has always been a great way to give your space a lift. When decorating with nature, we’re not only talking about potted indoor plants alone but you can also find great home decors in unique rocks, seashells, birch branches and driftwoods that are lying around in the backyard, waiting for you to give them a new purpose at home. For example, rare solid rocks and seashells in a glass bottle make a lovely coffee table display. Birch branches create a nice accent to your living room corners while driftwoods can be crafted into an inviting coat hook in your entryway.      

Mend your broken stuff.

Before you throw away your old cabinet, try to learn some basic mending tricks to fix up its worn-out doors. You can use glue or nails on parts that have come apart over time. Or, you can try another option by completely removing the broken doors to turn the basic cabinet into open shelving for your favourite kitchen tool display. Don’t forget to give it a nice cleaning and a fresh coat of paint to make it look good as new. 

Add accent colours.

Assess the entire room to determine the perfect accent colour that will add some pop of life to your interior. You can always use your leftover paint from your previous home makeover, but you can also punch up a room with happy hues without necessarily using paint if you don’t have it at home. Tie your off-white curtains with red ribbons to add a fun colour or try covering your throw pillows in different shades for a livelier ambience. The secret to accenting the dull area is to look for colours that will best emphasise the main colours of your space. 

Get creative.

Embracing craft and creativity is the best way to escape the painful splurge on expensive decorative pieces just to create an inviting wall display. If you want to revamp your old gallery wall, try to gather some aesthetic objects you already own such as colourful plates, baskets or hats. Mount them on the wall to form a focal point that attracts the eye. The best part is when you pair your wall display with a console table or shelves to add an attention-grabber in your gallery wall. Display repurposed glass bottles on your mantled shelves for a more visually-pleasing arrangement.

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