How to save your Car Tires from Cracking?


Since being the only part of your car in direct contact with the road, tires have to face a lot of beating. Perhaps that’s the reason why the chemicals like anti-ageing chemical are added in the tire compound making it strong enough to work efficiently until the tread lasts. Quite often, the tire’s rubber compound starts to lose its elasticity that leads to tire becoming soft and end up cracking.

Such condition of the tire is known as Weather Cracking. It begins with small cracks on tires and gets deeper that has no repair options. Consequently, the car owner ends up looking for new car tyre brands to grab a new one. Therefore, it’s essential to do proper care of your tires following these useful tips. So let’s dive in:

Don’t use Harsh Chemicals

For sure, the tire dressings are meant to improve the appearance of your tires. But they contain the chemicals, which removes the moisturizing compounds present in your car tires. If you use it occasionally just to improve the look of your vehicle, your tires won’t dry too much.

But make sure you don’t regularly apply it as it will dry your tire that will lead to dry rotting. Instead, you can try using a mild mixture of warm water and detergent.

Vehicle Sitting For Extended Periods

While driving, the car tires usually flex minimizing the shock your experience from the road. At that moment, the moisturizing compounds work their way to the sidewall of your tire keeping the exterior flexible and moist to withstand the atmospheric exposure.

But when you let your car remain parked for longer, the moisture on the outer surfaces will frequently wear away due to heavy exposure to UV radiations. It might not have the negative impact on the other areas of your tires, but dried areas will be more vulnerable to the dry rot.

Even if you don’t find a need to drive due to whatever reason, at least drive around the town once every week so that the outer surfaces of your car tires remain moisturized and consequently, protected from dry rot.

Proper Inflation is the Key

Did you know that the under-inflated often flex more than they should in both conditions like when being used or parked? Due to which, the moisturizing compound wears away faster than normal. If the flexing increases, the rubber would stretch more than normal leading to weakening and cracking.

In that case, the car owners are supposed to check the PSI levels and inflate tires when necessary on a regular basis. Also, make sure to get your tires inspected for the dry rot and have them replaced when required.

Important: Always clean the car tires with simple soap & tap water. This is the safest way to get rid and clean off all the contamination they got from the road.


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