Ideas to Give your Website the Edge it Deserves!


You want to give your customers the best possible interface with you. With huge numbers turning to the internet for all their needs you need to work on your internet presence.

There is no better way to improve your online experience than making your website stand out among the rest. You can do this by making sure it is user-friendly and has an exquisite design. You want your website to function smoothly and for customers to feel at ease using it.

There are often instances when we click on a website and then immediately close it. Why does this happen? It is because we see something that doesn’t sit well with our eyes.

Maybe the overall arrangement of the website is too much of a mess, making you unable to take much away from the website. Or maybe the design of the website was too old and you felt that it won’t have the latest information you seek.

Agree or not, it is evident that website design matters a lot. In the online world, the website serves as the primary face of your brand. Making use of smart and innovative ideas for your website can make it stand out and give your customers an online experience they won’t forget.

If you have been wanting to create or website or revamp an old one, we have some interesting ideas in store that you can benefit from.

Ideas to Inspire

 Pinterest mood boards

Pinterest is perfect for creating mood boards. It allows you to gather visual inspiration and bring them together to inspire you in the right direction for your project. Them inspiration could come in any form, be it colors, layouts, existing websites and much more.

For example, for a real estate website design take inspiration from communities, architecture, new interior designs, anything that will spark real-estate creativity.

The mood board will act as a focal point for brewing your design inspiration. Not only that you can share your design inspiration with clients or collaborators to give feedback and input.

Plan your plan

Think about your plan thoroughly from start to end. Listing down all possible steps and actions you have to take to achieve your end goal. Keep in mind the saying: Failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to figure out your fundamentals before taking the creativity of your design to the next level.

Here is a little guide to planning:

Define the goal: First figure out what you actually want to achieve from your website How can you figure out the direction of your design if you don’t have a destination in mind? Goals that work are goals that are smart: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Figure out your buyer’s journey: You need to figure out the experience you are trying to deliver to your customers. Think about the road they will take opening your website to closing it.

If you know the kind of journey you want to take your customers on you are all set to create the perfect structure to take them through your website.

Define your style: You want consistency in your design structure. With a style guide, you will be able to maintain conformity within fonts, colors and other elements of design.

Plan for SEO: SEO planning is very important for your website these days, you want your website to show up in searches. Structure your website according to both visitors and search engines.

Structure, structure, structure!

Take a bird’s eye view of your website’s design. Concentrate on the design of your website from a far angle. Observe how others will see your website and how they will experience it.

Make use of flipcharts or a whiteboard, so you don’t forget any details or source of your ideas. Try to establish a visual hierarchy of your ideas.

Maintain web standards

Creativity is good but when designing a website there are certain boundaries you need to keep in mind.

Some of these standards are:

  • Consistency in design across all pages
  • Keeping the logo in the left-hand corner of the website
  • Navigation should be across the top of the screen
  • Your main tagline or headline should be high up on the page, visible and bold
  • Your search option should be in the header
  • Your social media connectivity buttons should be in the footer

Minimalistic is in

Avoid adding things to your design that doesn’t serve your purpose. Keep it simple and precise. Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Don’t overcrowd your menu
  • Say no to sidebars
  • Make your web content simple, precise and readable

Format your content

Content is crucial to your website, be it in the form of blogs or sales copies. You want to design your website in such a way that your content seems more readable and attractive to the eyes.

There are some tips you can take to make your content look better, use headings, Optimize fonts and add exciting visuals.


 Website designs can be tricky. If you are having trouble with ideas you can always look online for the latest trends and design inspirations. You can even take inspiration from your surroundings. Keep your design something your target customer will appreciate. It will help boost your brand to new heights.


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