Know why you should grow Hibiscus Flower


Hibiscus is one of the common flowers grown by people worldwide for its various uses. It comes in various colors that are yellow, red, pink, white, etc. The plant hibiscus has a woody stem, and its leaves are bigger than the size of leaves of usual flowers. The blooms are also in large size as compared to other commonly used blooms. This flower is grown by many people, and if you want to grow something useful as well as pretty, then you should grow this because of its following uses. Know why you should grow hibiscus flower

Know why you should grow hibiscus flower

Uses of Hibiscus bloom in dyes

Owing to their high pigmentation, dyes are made by hibiscus bloom which is used in textiles, and food coloring is also prepared from red, purple, and other bright colored hibiscus flowers. The food colorings prepared from these flowers are used in numerous dishes like salads, kinds of pasta, ice-creams, any sweet or dessert, etc.

Use of hibiscus bloom as medicine

Many people are aware of the health benefits of hibiscus bloom that is the reason it is commonly used as medicine. The red-colored flower is believed to have more advantages for health than the flower of any other color. They prepare the tea of red-colored hibiscus which they consider beneficial for digestion, improving heart health, reducing the risk of cancer, etc. This tea is given the name sour tea because of its taste and it is consumed by people in many countries.

Use of hibiscus for ornamentation

This would be the only blossom that is found in these many colors, and you can grow one of your favorite colors or can grow combinations of the blooms in more than one color. If you want to buy Diwali flower online or from the market, this flower can fulfill your need of buying flowers of various colors. With the help of grafting, you can make them look more unique as you can grow hibiscus blooms of different colors on one single plant. This needs a little effort on your part because you will have to learn the process of its grafting step by step which should be done properly otherwise the same will not work. Thus, you would be able to astonish the visitors in your house by having the plant with flowers of different colors.

Use of hibiscus in cosmetics

Many kinds of cosmetic products are made from hibiscus flowers like creams, perfume, oil, etc. Being flowers, the most scented flowers are selected to prepare perfume. The essential oil which is even prepared from hibiscus is applied to hair and skin.

Now when you have knowledge about the benefits of the hibiscus flower, you should know the best way of growing the flower. You can get the small plants of hibiscus by doing the online shopping of flowers if you find it hard to grow them, however, there are basically two methods of growing hibiscus bloom. One is the usual method of growing the plant by sowing seeds and another way is its propagation by stem cutting. Both methods are explained below.

Method of growing hibiscus from its seeds

You should sow the seeds in small pots first in which the potting mix should have more amount of coco peat that is ninety percent of coco peat and rest proportion should be of the compost that is ten percent. The number of seeds should be one to two in one pot as it would be easy for you to shift the plant easily when it grows to a big pot till then these small planters should be placed in partially shady areas and not under the direct sun. After placing the seeds in the potting mix, these should be covered with the same and should be watered thoroughly. You could transfer your plant when it will be seven to eight inches tall. The plant would grow big enough to have flowering buds after seven to eight months. In this long, you should not forget to take care of your plant as you would have to water the plant regularly and give it fertilizers from time to time that is once in a month. The plant should be protected from extreme weather conditions and any kind of disease or pests. If looked after properly, the flowers will start blooming after seventeen to eighteen days and you would have your reward for patience.

Method of growing hibiscus by stem cutting

The hibiscus plant can be planted using stem cutting which is not possible in all kinds of flowering plants. The propagation is done in water by soaking the stems in it which sounds simple, however, you should prepare the stems following all steps otherwise the results will not be positive. Stems of six or seven inches should be cleaned before putting them into the water by pruning the leaves because these leaves start rotting in the water. Next, you should cut the stems at a forty-five-degree angle from below the node. The node looks like the joining point. A small portion of the stems should be scratched from the downside. Four to five stems can be placed in a glass of water which should be filled up to three inches. The water should be changed after five or six days. You would be able to see the roots and small leaves after nine to ten days and now stems are ready to be shifted to moist soil. The soil should have forty percent compost in it. Using this method, you would be able to see online Diwali gifts flowers more early as the stems will become mature plants in just two months and will start blooming,


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