Lose Weight Healthily: 6 Tips to Stay Healthy


It is possible to lose weight naturally and safely. What is the key to sustainable weight loss?

It’s about losing weight healthily. This can give you a psychological boost that helps you stick to your new habits; in studies, rapid weight loss led to shedding more pounds and maintaining the weight lost over the long term. However “anyone can do detox themselves or do an extreme diet. “But the minute you stop, you regain the lost weight and you haven’t learned anything. We interviewed leading nutrition and fitness experts for their best tips for losing weight quickly and safely.

  1. Close your kitchen for 12 hours to accelerate weight loss

That should be the time between your last bite in the evening and the first in the morning.  If you have finished supper at 7:30 p.m., it means not eating before 7:30 a.m. the next morning. Need motivation? Go to bed early and wake up in great shape. 😊

2.   Party for the kitchen? Pour yourself a glass of water to lose weight quickly

If it’s a cliché diet thing, it’s for good reason. People confuse hunger and thirst, especially when they are trying to go on a weight loss diet and therefore expect to be hungry,” When you are walking towards the kitchen, drink a glass of water or prepare a nutritious green juice instead of eating.

Cache time you want to snack, ask yourself these two questions in order to lose weight quickly:

“One, am I hungry?” Two, what do I want? “You are procrastinating, bored or stressed, or you need a hug. Find yourself a distraction for 5-10 minutes, the buffer time to decide if you are really hungry. This reaction can have a big impact on rapid weight loss.

3.   Eat a starter to lose the extra pounds

Choose it wisely: Nutritionists recommend starting dinner with broth-based soup or a salad. ” The entrance fills you up and lengthens the meal, which prevents you from stuffing yourself afterwards, ” she says. To avoid eating too quickly, keep your main dish and its side dish on the side of the table until you have finished the entry. If you have no idea about this, you can use xpert konjac, a product that will soothe the feeling of hunger made from the roots of the konjac plant.

  • Reduce your portions, except …

Increase the size of your vegetable portions. “Two asparagus tips are not enough,” experts says. One of the biggest mistakes nutritionists see in his customers is that they eat too much of everything else. If you eat a good portion of two food groups – carbohydrates and meat – you will accelerate weight loss and improve your health. Tip: a portion of pasta should be the size of your fist, a portion of meat about 90 g (3 oz), the size of a deck of cards or a soap.

4.   Find new favorites to lose weight quickly and healthily

Do not deprive yourself; deprivation is not the right thing to do to start with, says experts. “If you want to stop drinking sodas, don’t just cut them, replace them with something else with bubbles, like seltzer water or flavored sparkling water. ”

  • Establish a gluttony opportunity

If you know you will treat yourself to a treat – a piece of quality dark chocolate – after dinner, it may be easier to resist other temptations, like the office birthday cake, says experts.

  • Track what you eat

Often after training, people tend to overcompensate (“I just did cardio on my bike, I can order English toast at brunch!”) And eat more calories than they do. burn. It is less likely to happen if you write down what you eat. “It puts the dots on the” i’s “and forces you to make better food choices,” people says.

5.   Eat a balanced breakfast

“Many people think low-fat yogurt and fruit make a healthy breakfast … but not filling, and you will be starving soon”. They recommend a morning meal that includes a balance of protein, fat, fiber, and vegetables or fruit, such as veggie scrambled eggs with avocado or cheese, or oatmeal with fruit and nuts.

  • Cheat your hunger trigger to lose weight fast

“We all have foods that make us want to keep eating more,”. When the craving for starchy foods like potato chips or pasta takes you, “instead,” she continues, “I’m making shirataki noodles made of tofu and yam flour: the whole bag makes 40 calories. “Experts advise customers to take out the” hidden food “in the house; this crutch will no longer be within your reach when you have a craving. “There is a good chance that you are eating too much,” she concludes.

6.   Pay attention to added sugars to lose weight quickly

” Sugar is an addictive ingredient,”. The more you eat, the more you want. When you reduce your sugar intake, your body keeps asking for it, but after two or three days, you will be surprised by its reaction. If you don’t feel like reading food labels, try switching from processed foods (an energy bar, for example) to a whole food (an apple).

  • Stop drinking calories to melt excess pounds

It’s not just sodas. Juices, iced teas and other healthy-tasting drinks can be calorie bombs. Eliminate them, and your scale numbers will start to go down. “Sometimes a bottle of iced tea or juice contains 2.5 servings”. So read the labels and you will see that it is simply not worth it. ”

  • Increase your exercise to lose weight quickly

If you’re stuck in an elliptical rut, drop low-intensity cardio for training circuits or interval training. According to FoodNurish.com In the training circuit, you do strength training and cardio that elevate your metabolism and burn fat,”. Good interval training, in which you alternate short efforts where you give everything with less laborious recovery times, “is super effective and demanding – it will shake you up and get you out of your comfort zone “.


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