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Maintain Focus While Working From Home


Let’s be honest, we’ve all fantasized about working from home at one point in life or another. Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their room, while in bed or on a sofa?

However, by now, all of you who’ve been working from home must feel weary and living a haphazard life; this is the effect of a schedule-less workstyle. Miniature distractions beckon you to leave your work aside and lure you towards procrastination.

Here’s the thing – working from home really can be productive. All that’s needed is some tweaks in your schedule to optimize it.

Follow these simple steps to maintain topnotch focus while working:

Constant Sleep Schedule

The foremost element of focusing while working from home is to have a consistent sleep schedule, especially the time your eyes open. Sleep is an extremely important biological process for mental function.

Sleeping less than eight hours at night inhibits your ability to perform well during the day.

But so what? Why does any of this mean you should wake up at a constant time if you’re acquiring eight hours of sleep every day? Studies have shown that irregular sleep schedule has proven to be more detrimental than lack of sleep.

Once you have a steady sleep routine, achieving focus is about what you do after you get up.

15 minutes exercise

Begin with 15 minutes of stretching and some mobility exercise. Stretching, relaxed light exercise, and movement all help to not only prevent injury and release tension but also improve your brain functionality.

This mobility doesn’t just mean stretching is a good habit, but it keeps your brain healthy too.


After these 15 minutes, relax yourself by reading. It can be a book, an article or even the newspaper. To gain focus you need to start by focusing on what you’re reading.

Reading is a great way to get your mind running without stressing it out. It requires enough focus to wake you up, as well as stimulate you with interesting new material, but without the stress of work-related deadlines.

 Cold shower

After all of this take a cold shower or an alternating hot-to-cold shower.

The best benefit of cold showers is the surging endorphin rush and mood high. You’ll feel energized and cheerful, which is perfect for starting your work for the day.

Reduce Distractions

Maintain a dedicated workspace. The significance of this space is that it should be low in distractions.

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Pens
  • Notebook
  • Laptop

There should literally be nothing else in the room except for these items and most importantly, no phone. Leave your phone on Do Not Disturb in some other room, far from you reach.

However, in case your work requires you to keep your phone nearby, avoid using social media applications to the best of your abilities and make yourself realize you’re in the zone right now.

Obviously, this method will not apply to everyone, but it is necessary you get rid of the phone as much as you can while working

Focus Plan

The foremost plan of attack should be to write down a focus plan. This plan simply prioritizes the things you want to do today.

To identify the things, ask yourself this simple question, “What is the most difficult and time consuming task right now?” Write down the first five things that come to mind. Usually, the most important one is in the first one or two.

Upon identifying your first thing, open your laptop, close all browser tabs, and start.


COVID-19 has given us a rare situation where many people are working from home for the first time in their lives. While this sounds like a reverie, it will eventually turn in to distraction and procrastination.

Although working from home really can be everything you’d ever hoped for but without a good schedule and a few self-care techniques, you can prime your thoughts for an immense amount of work that puts you way ahead of schedule.

Remember, you’re your own boss. By the time you finish following the suggested procedure, you will be surprised to discover that you have successfully worked four to five hours tops for the whole day and accomplished more in that time than you could in a week when you first began to work from home.

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