Maldives Tour Package Can be a Budget Tour! Maldives Tour Guide

maldives tour package

The Maldives is the dream holiday destination for many people during current times because it’s the safest, exotic location to rejuvenate the dull, boring lifestyle.

Apparently, only a few get a chance to enjoy Maldives islands which are rightly known as a vacation paradise. Even though the Visa for Maldives procedure is very simple, yet many get confused or fail to grab the opportunity to plan holiday packages to the land of coral and reefs.  

Unfortunately, many travel agents have misguided the wanderlusts to seek personal benefits, but Roaming routes are different. It is a leading travel agent in India with more than 8 years of experience planning national and international holidays for Indian citizens. They have local acquaintances in the Maldives and hence are well informed and resourceful to prepare Maldives holiday packages that are competent, affordable and comfortable. 

Anurag Kothari, the wingman of Roaming routes, has planned more than 200-holiday packages and is the best person to guide us with a travelling guide to the Maldives. When asked to share information on how to plan a Maldives holiday tour in the budget, he graciously bestowed his moments of experience, which are as follows. 

“Maldives for many is a small beautiful island in the Indian ocean, but in reality, Maldives is a cluster of islands known as atolls. A number marks every atoll, and the count is 22,” says Mr. Kothari. 

The incompetent travel agent will ask you to land at Male, international Airport( capital of Maldives ) and will book your stay at some remote island, which will be located on another corner of the country, which simply means you’ll have to travel in the sea for almost 500km. You will need a speed boat or seaplane for this transit, which will add extra price to your Maldives tour in budget.

Since Roaming route has local acquaintance and are well informed, they are aware of the airports in the country, hence guide the guest to choose the appropriate one for their boardings. This helps their guest to save time and money. 

The other important thing to know about the Maldives is that their almost 1200 islands can be categorized into four types. 

  • Islands with the population
  • Islands with the resorts
  • Uninhibited island
  • islands with sandbanks

The traveller prefers to visit the Maldives to enjoy snorkelling or water sports or enjoy a luxurious stay. 

“How to plan a Maldives tour for Holiday?”

If your holiday trip to the Maldives is just for -3-4 days, then Hulhumale is the best place to live. 

maldives tour package

Hulhumale is 15 min away from Male International Airport and has beautiful white sand beaches and a perfect destination to enjoy adventurous water activities. Travellers can skip Male, the Capital city, during a short stay as it’s overcrowded. If you want, you can cover 

Malé one day. You can visit all historical places within a few hours or even stroll down the local streets for a few hours. 

If you don’t want the guide, take coordinates from google and visit all Male places. 

And if you are with family or in a group, then this island is best for the Maldives holidays.

If you planned to visit the Maldives for 5-6 days, then be a little bit far from Malé, and choose Maafushi island. 

Maafushi is a small island with a 1 KM length and a 300 m to 400 m width. It is such a tiny island that if you ask someone for direction, the person may escort you directly to the place. Even though this island may be meagre in population and area but still low in population density, you can still access all the available water and snorkelling activities in Male or Hulhumale. 

This Island is best for romantic and honeymoon couples to have intimate private moments in nature. 

“How to select a Good exquisite Stay?” 

Nowadays, people surf through various websites like Agoda, make my trip, or goibibo to find the best hotel in the Maldives. Some time few hotels offer a promotional discount that will not appear on google searches. 

“As a renowned travel agent in India, we have deals with the best 4-star and 5-star hotels in the Maldives and are resourceful to provide the best rates to our Maldives holiday packages, ” says Roaming routes founder Anurag Kothari. 

“How to travel to the Maldives?”

The next thing to plan is how to travel to the Maldives. There are direct flights to the Maldives from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Banglore. The cheapest airfare to the Maldives is from Chennai. 

“Maldives Visa for Indians”

As per Maldives Visa policy, a travelling Visa is issued on arrival for almost all the world. The travellers need to carry hotel booking and return ticket

plus you need to bring some money along with you. After completing all the formal procedures, you will receive a migration form at the airport, which needs to be filled there. The immigration officer will ask a few common questions to verify your purpose of visit and then will grant permission on your passport. 

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“Best itinerary for Maldives tour plan”

On your arrival to Maldives’s Capital city, Male international airport, the travel agent’s associated with waiting for you with the resort’s assigned speedboat or seaplane to escort you to your dream stay.  

Day 1: If you don’t hire a travel agent, then you can find your hotel’s counter at the airport, and they will be responsible for taking you from the airport to the island. You can relax and enjoy your meals in the beautiful resort for the day. 

Day 2:  It can be full of adventures with frolic activities like go kayaking, speedboat rides, snorkelling, deep-sea dives. Some prefer to stay close to nature and enjoy their book and wine. 

Day 3: You can decide to keep up the entire day in the blue sea beneath the sky and explore the coral and reefs of the Indian ocean. In the evening, you can enjoy a scintillating dinner on the extravagant spread. 

Day 4: Maldives is famous for its luxurious stays; hence for the next 2 days, you can be at your resort, spending some quality time with your family and loved ones. 

Day 5: The trip will come to an end 

Things to consider on your Maldives Holidays 

The Maldives have less land and more of the ocean around them. The local inhabitants take care of their nature profusely, and you can offend them with any mishandling. The few things to take care of on your Maldives holidays,

  • Even if you are at the sandbank, you cannot spread trash and advise taking all the garbage with you. 
  • Apply adequate sunscreen to avoid skin tanning.
  • Follow all protocols regarding water activities.
  • Don’t be in a rush and enjoy every moment in the Maldives.

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Takeaway of the blog

Maldives beaches are crystal clear, and marine life is visible from the above. Loving nature and doing all that it takes to keep it clean and intact is what every inhabitant of Maldives does passionately. 

When you plan a holiday to the Maldives, get hold of the best Maldives holiday package that can range from Rs 65000-Rs1,00,000 for less than a week. They can arrange your stay, commutes and all other auxiliaries of travelling. You have choices to pick any resort from the varied list.

There are different options for snorkelling and deep-sea diving. 

Snorkelling with shark and dolphin, submarine tours, and all activities related to water you can enjoy on the Maldives holiday package tour.

Roaming routes is India’s best holiday package website that offers the best holiday experience with their varied packages. If you plan it yourself, we hope this blog has served you with the complete guide on the Maldives holiday tours.


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