Choosing the Right Mental Health Career for Yourself

Mental Health Career

Healthcare careers range from a general practitioner (GP) and locums to nurses and psychiatrists. Every job plays a vital role in setting up a reliable and advanced healthcare setup. While medical careers take a toll on your health sometimes, they are equally rewarding and satisfying. There is a wide scope of work in medical fields, such as psychiatry, mental health nursing, psychologists, etc. It comes with the utmost responsibility of the patients but with some perks along. The nature of work is not easy but satisfactory at large.

Let us look at some of the careers in the field of mental health that you can consider after a detailed thought.

In Australia, you need to obtain formal education for locum medical jobs or to become a mental health worker. However, some hospitals demand at least a bachelor’s degree while recruiting a mental health nurse, while others prefer postgraduate study and offer training and certification as well.


Psychologists determine if the individual is suffering from psychological, emotional, or cognitive disorders. These doctors are trained and specialised in treating patients through therapy and medication. The psychologist can suggest a treatment plan after diagnosing the patient thoroughly for different mental disorders. It helps in formalising a further course of action basis the best possible outcome a patient gets post the treatment.


To read the patient’s mind and mental capacity, one needs an intensive amount of training and education. Psychiatrists are trained doctors who specialise in treating several mental disorders. They can be categorised on the basis of their profile and treating geriatric patients, children, or adults.

There’s another field of psychiatry, i.e., Forensic psychiatry. It deals with treating criminals and prisoners who suffer from mental disorders. The job may require assessing the mental condition of the victims of violent crimes. You can determine if this career interests you post speculating various aspects attached to it.

Mental Health Counsellor

There are various locum medical jobs that require you to understand and empower patients. You help them with their concerns regarding mental health and provide guidance to reach an action plan. A mental health counsellor offers a supportive environment to the patients helping them cope with their immediate grief. It could be momentarily sadness to complex anxiety issues.

Mental Health Nurse

A mental health nurse is a trained, licensed nurse with a specialisation in psychiatric care. They are expected to coordinate with other mental health professionals working in the GP locum jobs, along with psychiatrists and psychologists. They are required to do so to follow the treatment plan suggested for patients in the facility. You can explore more about this field and make your mind if this profession suits your education and ability to perform in your full capacity.

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