Premature Ejaculation Causes That Make A Man Suffering From Early Ejaculation Problems


Premature Ejaculation, as its name says, is a most commonly see sexual disorder that makes people that makes a man lose control over his ejaculation timings during physical intercourse. There can be many reasons why this is see in a person, and diagnosing that is essential if you want to get rid of the problem soon. Understanding premature ejaculation causes can help you eliminate PE from your body so that you can lead a happy sexual life. For that, you need the help of professional sex doctors or sexologists in India. 

One such sexologist with a remarkable history in treating causes of premature ejaculation and treating them finely with the latest methodologies and operation is Dr. Chirag Bhandari in Jaipur. He is a famous male sexual health expert and treats premature ejaculation causes after adequately diagnosing the issue and evaluating your partner’s relationship. 

Dr. Chirag says, a few years back, talking about sexual disorders in public was consider taboo, and not all people were familiar with the need for sexual health. But now, as people are talking about their public issues, it has become easy to find the particular causes of premature ejaculation. It is find that physical but psychological causes also contribute to premature ejaculation that is a severe point of concern. 

How does Ejaculation work?


Ejaculation is a process that works with both mind and body, and because of this reason both psychological and physical disorders contribute to causing PE. 

It causes when specific signals are transmitt from the brain to the spinal cord when a man is sexually stimulates. Those signals are again sent from the brain to the male reproductive part after a person reaches a certain level of excitement. 

When any of the tasks mentioned above is disturbed due to any cause, the ultimate things, i.e., ejaculation, get disturbed. Now let us know what reasons bother the above process so that a man faces premature ejaculation problems during sex. 

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

  1. Unusual Level of Testosterone in the Body

When we talk about sexual health and stamina, there’s no way we can forget mentioning the testosterone hormone in a body. The testosterone level plays a vital role in a man’s performance during sex, and drastic changes in it can cause a person to suffer from PE. Many people forget to mention the testosterone hormone but if they are not able to find the cause of PE, think about it once. 

  1. The Serotonin Level 


When it comes to the human body, there are two or three things whose change directly affects a person’s performance in bed, and one of them is Serotonin. This natural substance now manages the ejaculation timings during physical intercourse. The lower level of serotonin means that you will ejaculate way too soon as it is expected of you. 

  1. Alcohol and Cigarettes 

At any level, smoking and drinking are not consider to be good for health. A lot of health problems arise due to smoking and alcohol consumption. Cigarettes cause constriction of the arteries present in the penis, making it hard for the blood to flow. If you want to be sexually fit, it is advise to avoid these two mentioned habits. 

  1. Aging

People start facing different health issues as their age starts increasing, and the same goes with your sexual health. A list of diabetes, Blood Pressure, heart issues are some commonly see health problems that come with growing age. Though there is no significant evidence, it can be said that people with a bigger age group are more prone to PE. 

  1. Inflammation in the Prostate Gland 


Any problem in the prostate area can damage your sex life to a great extent. Problems like inflammation in the prostate gland or prostatitis are known to cause PE and sometimes painful ejaculation as well. 

Research is proving that 27% of the people have prostate issues are seen to have ED. 

  1. Stress 

A lot of reasons can cause stress in your life like a work-related hassle, bad lifestyle, and your surroundings also affect your performance in bed. If you are not happy inside, there is no way you can make your partner satisfied during sexual intercourse by any means.

7. Psychological Factors 


As mentioned earlier, the cause of PE can be both physical as well as psychological. Mental stress, past guilt, conflict between the partners can bring mental pressure and prevent you from getting timely erections. 

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Other seen Causes for Premature Ejaculation 

Having Erectile Dysfunction in a body is also a sign of premature ejaculation causes.

  • Depression
  • Guilty Feelings about any past premature ejaculation.
  • Poor Body Image 
  • And Sexual Abuse

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Causes 

Not paying attention to the early causes of PE can make you regret later with a more complicated situation. Taking care of your sexual health and consulting a good sexologist in Jaipur can help overcome your lousy ejaculation timings. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best option for you if you want to eliminate your Premature Ejaculation causes. Doctore has the command to treat both physical and psychological causes of PE. This helps you get back your ideal ejaculations. The sexual dysfunction is well-verse by him. And also offers treatment after proper diagnosis of your motivation and medical history to maximize your treatment’s success. He is undoubtedly the best sex doctor you can rely on for treating your cause of premature ejaculation. 

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