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Safe, Convenient and Economical Way to Buy Clothes Online


The ever-evolving information technology allows you to buy goods quickly online. Household items, school supplies, food and even clothes. For other items, it will be difficult to recognize the authenticity and quality, only after a long time of use can it be recognized. But with fashion items, disappointment or joy will show on your face as soon as you receive the goods.

Buying clothes over the Internet has become an obsession for many people because not everyone can buy the right items right from the first online shopping time.

Want to shop for clothes online but don’t know how?

You want to choose products that are “value for money”?


You don’t want to fall victim to online scams while shopping.

So this handbook is your “salvation” for this legitimate need.

Experience choosing to buy clothes online

When shopping online, you are sure to buy clothes that fit your size, check prices at many stores to compare, and must know some skills to not become a victim of online fraud.

Be sure to take your measurements

Because you can’t try on clothes if you shop online, so be sure to measure yourself to choose the right clothes. Each manufacturer offers different sizes with large/medium/small. See your measurements and compare with those measurements, you will choose the right clothing size for you.

For girls, the most basic thing to choose the right clothes when buying clothes online is knowing the three measurements: bust, waist, hip; his height and weight. Sometimes, arm measurements or back length are also needed to purchase other specially designed clothes.

For men, in addition to height and weight, the measurements of the bust, neck, and back are the measurements you need to know when choosing to buy clothes. If you choose to buy a vest or other high-end tops, you also need to know more about arms length, back width…

For children, parents only need to know the boy’s chest measurement, height, and weight; but girls need to know more measurements of waist, hip circumference. As for babies, parents only need to know the baby’s height and weight to choose to buy.

Also, you should know what season you are buying clothes for. For many of us, summertime is quite easy and convenient in terms of choosing clothes, but in winter; Sometimes you will have to choose a windbreaker that is wider than your size.

Check size information

In some countries, there will be a sizing chart that they use for all their clothing, but for some online stores, they will sell clothing from many different brands, with standards of different countries.

For example, the same sweater size XL, but according to US standard size 18, UK size 22, Germany 46, France 50… So please see the product description, check the sizes and measurements of the type of clothing you want to buy.

You may find that you should choose a small size according to the manufacturer’s standards, but on the other hand, your body will fit the larger size clothes.

Make a list of clothes to buy

If you intend to buy a lot of clothes at once, write down everything you need before you start. Doing so will help you stay on track and not be overwhelmed by the abundance of fashion products.

Depending on your needs, you can go to the Online sales website of your favorite fashion brands or buy at general e-commerce platforms.

No loitering

Shopping for fashionable clothes online is like shopping in stores. There will be many models of clothes displayed at the same time on the sales website. You should know how to restrain yourself, do not wander into the categories containing products that you do not need. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time looking at clothes you don’t really need or will end up buying extra items that are out of your shopping budget.

Set a budget limit

To avoid overspending, you need to know how much you can afford to shop for clothes online. Redefine your financial situation to set an appropriate budget limit.

Refer to many websites that sell goods at the same time

This is really a strength when buying clothes online. At the same time, you can see the price of a wool dress in many different stores with just a few clicks. Take advantage of this to compare prices between stores. Choose a reputable online clothing store, they will have price comparison sections for you. You can easily recognize, the same item, but between the Shops will have different prices.

How to buy online

Google search is the easiest way to find out what kind of clothes you want to buy. Websites will appear, you just need to go to select, then add the product you like in the cart, transfer money via card and receive the goods or wait for the goods to be received and then pay.

But the fastest way is to receive email registration of the online sales websites you often buy. You will easily be updated with news, newly launched clothing products, promotions, Sale off… from your favourite fashion brands. When there is a need, you just need to find that Website and choose to buy.

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Buy wholesale clothes

Not much, but not without on the Web selling online. Buying clothes wholesale online is always cheaper than buying retail. However, you will have to invite more friends and relatives to buy together. You can also buy some items in bulk like socks, socks, underwear to get wholesale prices.

Check shipping fee

You must preview the shipping cost before deciding to press the “Add to Cart” button. Usually, famous fashion brands will have clear shipping and delivery policies, you won’t have to worry about extra fees, but for small shops, without a brand or name, please Make sure the shipper does not charge the extra shipping fee.

Sometimes you also have to consider buying an item on sale with shipping costs. If the cost of shipping is too great for the value of the item, you will have to think twice about buying.

One of the solutions to that shipping fee is to hunt for discount codes for the products you are choosing. You can search for reputable and latest discount codes on product selling websites, or websites specializing in discount codes such as Couponupto, CouponXoo,…

Try on clothes as soon as you receive them

Many online clothing retailers accept returns for shoppers, but only for a certain period of time. So try on the clothes as soon as you receive them from the delivery man and don’t put any labels or tags on the suit, otherwise, you will most likely violate their return policy and not be eligible for a refund. return the purchased product.

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