The Importance Of Video Marketing


Videos are the best way to promote an online business.

While it’s great to have written posts with lots of traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will help you connect with the audience.

Video content marketing like explainer video is able to create that intangible contact between consumer and company; to form brand awareness and, thus, increase sales.

Learn how this marketing strategy can improve your website! 

How Does Video Marketing Work?

Videos can be used in numerous ways:

  • They can augment existing or new content on your blog
  • They can be used to promote product or services on your landing pages
  • You can share them on social media such as Facebook to improve reach and engagement
  • They provide another potential source of traffic through YouTube
  • You can boost SEO stats with them
  • Videos within emails can persuade people to click on them and read them
  • They are tailor-made for mobile users
  • Videos are an effective ad format

Regardless of all the above-mentioned advantages, the biggest benefit of creating videos is their current trend. What do I mean by that?

Well, according to current data, people are much more likely to watch a video instead of reading a written post. This is especially true when it comes to the latest news and entertainment. As of late, we’ve seen an increased number of videos featured within top Google search results. This is a sign that even search engines are noticing the trend.

As the young, video-oriented generations come of age, it is only a matter of time until videos completely eclipse written articles making them redundant.

It isn’t far-fetched to say that videos will be the only relevant type of content in the future.

Tips for Improving Your Video Content and Strategy

Effective marketers know that in order to use videos properly, you need to consider both the quality of content and implementation on the business level.

Here are some free tips that will help you improve both of these aspects.

Consider your overall content strategy.

Although videos are slowly becoming the most popular content, you don’t have to eliminate all other formats. Businesses can still find a way to use text, images, infographics, tables, and other elements to improve their posts.

To start, try to implement videos as an additional type of content, and from there, see how they perform.

Diversity is usually the key as you’re providing different ways for customers to engage with your organization on the internet. It is always better to have various options at your disposal.

Another thing you need to consider is how good your videos actually are.

If you’re much more efficient in producing some other digital formats, you might give them an advantage, at least for the time being. Have in mind that sooner than later, you will be forced to switch to video content; still, you shouldn’t force it too much if you’re going to jeopardize current marketing effort.

Videos are a great tool for branding.

While branding is important for any type of content or resources present on your site, videos give you a unique opportunity to create a live experience.

This type of format allows the audience to interact with an expert from your company. It can be a memorable experience as a blogger is directly involved with potential consumers as well as regular viewers. By using videos, you are able to put a face in front of your organization, which is a great way to build public relationships.

Example of good branding. If you watch carefully, you can notice that both videos have the same visual style and protagonists.

Videos also allow you to use the same color and design schemes in the background as well as the company’s watermark. You are able to create a similar experience every time, making your message more memorable.

With each additional element that repeats throughout the videos, it becomes easier for clients to recognize you in the future. Needless to say, this is something that will increase trust and, thus, conversion.

Think of videos as a long-term project

Based on everything that has been said so far, videos are something that is here to stay.

As I already said, you don’t have to make amazing content as of tomorrow. But you definitely need to consider videos as a long-term approach.

Individuals from your company need to focus their careers on creating videos; it isn’t something that should be a temporary job. Make sure to form a team that will stay with you. In that regard, video content is similar to written articles; it is much better to do it in-house and have reliable professionals that will come to the office each and every day.

[for example, BuzzFeed has a whole team dedicated to creating videos]

SEO is the key

Regardless of what type of content you’re producing, search engine optimization should be at the center of attention.

You shouldn’t create videos just so you would have some content on-site or YouTube channel. Instead, you need to make sure they will bring in sales.

Search engine optimization still represents the biggest opportunity (and threat) when it comes to gaining web traffic. You need to research the topic beforehand, see if it will lead to profit, and lastly, make sure you can rank among top results.

Top results for “Making a pasta” query 

If you’re unable to reach top spots and be presented to viewers, there is no point in creating content in the first place.

Uniqueness and usefulness as two main principles

Even though uniqueness is something that is often thrown around as the necessary ingredient for video’s success, it is rarely implemented.

You obviously need digital posts nowadays. But at the same time, you need to make sure they stand out. The same way you shouldn’t create videos that are low-quality, you shouldn’t create videos that are generic. You have to leave a unique stamp whether we’re talking about background, effects, narrator, or storytelling.

This first element ensures that your video will be fully watched.

Usefulness is the second crucial principle that ensures people will actually return to your channel or blog after seeing a video.

A good example of a video that is both unique visually and provides useful information

Whether you’re providing entertainment or new information, the audience needs to perceive your videos as something that improves their lives. While uniqueness keeps them on a video for one post, usefulness will make them come over and over again.

Having a quick start

There is a good reason why a lot of YouTube stars begin their videos by shouting or doing something funny – it is the best way to attract attention.

According to studies, the majority of people decide whether to stay or leave a video in the first 5 seconds.

Having a quick start is very important, especially when dealing with new viewers. You need to have something that will pique their attention and “wake them up.” This is especially true for the YouTube audience, given that a lot of them are using the platform for entertainment and are quick to jump from video to video.

Regular revision

Like with any marketing strategy, it is necessary to check your performance from time to time.

Based on obtained data, you should modify approach changing content to better suit your audience. Regular revision is the best way to figure out what’s working and what’s not and to plan future content based on it.

This is especially important when it comes to digital content as it has many more elements, and thus, there is a much higher chance something will go wrong.

Last Thoughts

Videos are undoubtedly the future.

While you still have time to implement a proper content strategy, you shouldn’t be too slow. I predict that in just one year, the whole landscape will change. Search engines will likely give even more advantage to videos, and usage will increase as well.

With all that being said, make sure to form a strong team and start working on your video marketing.

Do you create videos for your site? What was your biggest issue?

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond
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