The Quantity surveyor’s fee


We have examined the architect’s fee more than once in this news section. However, we have not yet spent many words on the surveyor’s fees, while we are getting more and more questions on the subject. That is why, with the help of surveyor expert Jan De wael, vice-chairman of the Royal Federation of Independent Surveyors Experts (KFZLE), we have listed the most important fees.

In general it can be stated that the fee for the measurement consists of a proportional amount – depending on the size of the property – and a systematic point of the value of the property. This amount is increased by the costs for research, placing posts and other expenses. In some cases, the estate agent even passes on part of the allotment costs to the buyer. Finally, Vadertje levies a further 21% VAT on this total amount.

“Taking into account all these elements, the minimum rate for a survey is approximately 500 euros,” explains surveyor expert Jan De wael. “The fee for a plot of 1,000 m² and with a value of 100,000 euros will amount to approximately 640 euros, including costs and VAT.

These amounts can therefore sometimes be high. It is therefore advisable to inquire before the measurement work about the approximate total cost for the work. This way you won’t be faced with surprises afterwards. ” It is also important to know that the correct fees can still vary depending on the degree of difficulty, the importance or the urgency of the measurement assignment.

Peace of mind

Jan De wael also puts the high price in perspective. “If the high price scares you off, then know that after the size of the plot you can start building with confidence. After all, your property has been clearly defined, so it is unlikely that a dispute with the adjacent owners about the correct border location. Moreover, you also know that you are building correctly, it will not be the first time that a construction has to be demolished because it was built too close or over the plot boundary. And finally, a possible later twist about the plot boundaries will in any case cost more than measuring, such as lawyer and court costs. The costs for an agricultural property are slightly lower. The minimum scale will remain the same, but the fee for measuring a 1 hectare plot will be approximately 600 euros.


In addition to measuring a plot, you can also engage the surveyor expert for the valuation of a property. Here, too, the surveyor will use a specific fee. However, this varies depending on the nature of the assignment. The short and often one-sided estimates in the context of mortgage loans cost on average between 150 and 200 euros and are usually also collected by the bank. ”

However, complete expertise provides more than just a valuation. You will also find a detailed description, a full market survey, a description of any building defects, a detailed list of comparison points that were used for the valuation,… The minimum scale for real estate with a value of up to 75,000 euros is 260 euros, including costs and VAT. . You can say that the rate is a percentage of the normal value of the estimated property. This percentage decreases as the value of the good increases.

“For a built-up property of 125,000 euros, this is 420 euros, for a value of 250,000 euros, this is 670 euros. Mind you, this is the scale for full and comprehensive estimates with detailed calculations, well-described comparison points and the like. For simpler assignments, the average fee is slightly lower, ”says Jan De wael. “If you compare this cost (0.1 to 0.5% of the total cost) with the costs for registration (5 or 10%), the notary’s fees (0.06 to 4.6%) or this the real estate agent (3 to 5%), this price is nothing. Especially if you know that an estimate must be made for the mortgage provider in any case. Moreover, a sound estimate can also save you from a lot of disaster: often there are already some hidden flaws or unexpected costs during the visit.

The importance of urban planning regulations has also increased significantly in recent years. After all, you cannot tell from a home whether it is zone-free, is in a construction violation or, for example, is located in front of the building line. These facts do affect the normal value of the home, but the seller will not always point it out to you.


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