Top 5 Essential Agriculture Tractor Tyres Tips – You Should Know


Tractor tyres is a circular or ring-shaped part of the tractor that creates contact with the ground. They are fitted on rims and are filled with compressed air. Rubber is a widely used element of tyres. Modern tyres also manufactured with materials like fabric steel, synthetic rubber, carbon black, steel wires, etc.

Top 5 Important Aspects of Agriculture Tyre

In the below section, we have shown some major aspects of tractor tyres which improves tyre performance.

  1. Inflation Pressure
  • Inflation pressure is one of the essential aspects of tyres that provide high performance.
  • Right inflation pressure can measure by the pressure gauge.
  • Inflation pressure is two types, first is under-inflation and second is over-inflation.
  • Under-inflation is the main reason for tyre’s cord body damage. Continuous abnormal flexing of the tractor tyre causes failure of the tyre carcass.
  • Over-inflation tyres may reduce handling performance which may lower the safety level. Tyres damaged due to high inflation.
  • Hence, to avoid these damages, you have to check inflation pressure regularly.
    For proper checking of inflation pressure use a special low-pressure gauge.
  • The gauge used for testing tyres filled with antifreeze solution and water.

2. Check Tyre Rims

  • Rim is an essential part of tractor tyres.
  • The narrow rim of tyres causes the mounting problem because the rim shield moulded into tyre designs.
  • If tyre rim shield mounted on a narrow rim, then the shield applies undue pressure on the rim flange. Due to this, the Isolated premature rim fails in a tyre side well isolation or heel radius.
  • Before using any tractor tyre, you have to check the tyre tread and tyre tread depth.
  • Correct tyre tread and tyre depth protect the tractor from major accidents.
  • Correct tyre tread provides good traction with the ground surface.

3. Avoid Spinning

  • A tyre with inadequate wheel weights or excessive inflation pressure provides wear and bad traction. Spinning cut the bars and make the tread bar smooth.
  • So, you have to avoid spinning for better working.
  • Recommended weights, correct inflation pressure provide proper operation on every surface.

4. Maintenance of Tyres

  • Maintaining tyre from time to time is essential for good working.
  • You have to check tyres regularly after long hours of working.
  • If you see any cut, tread smoothness, and low tread depth, then immediately change or repair tyres for good work.
  • Correct tyres protect the operator from major accidents.

5. Don’t Mix Odd Tyres

  • Time to time tyre replacement is essential tips for agriculture tyres.
  • As we know, agriculture tyres work on the various surfaces for long hours, resulting in tyres being damaged. So the replacement of tyres is essential for best results.
  • Mixing old tyres with new tyres can wear new tyres faster and result in bad handling at higher speeds.
  • It would be best if you never mixed different size tyres on the same axle.

Importance of Tractor Tyre Pressure

  1. Tractor Tyre Pressure Prevents The Loss of Yield
  • A major problem of farmers is the optimization of productivity.
  • High yielding depends on the soil quality, inputs, weather conditions and also correct pressure adjustment.
  • Pressure adjustment is another important factor in your tractor tyres which can affect production.
  • An over-inflated tyre is the cause of soil compaction, affecting the root development and decreasing the infiltration of water to the soil. Over-inflated is also the reason for ruts formation in wet weather conditions.
  • By reducing tyre pressure, you can contribute to protecting your soil, and also increasing productivity.
  • However, beware of extreme underinflation can cause the tractor tyres to deteriorate more quickly if they are not designed to work under low pressure.

2. Reduce Wear

  • Over-inflated tyres are the main reason for spinning. Due to spinning, you will see an increment in fuel consumption up to 20%.
  • High spinning is the main reason for horizontal sliding of soil’s upper layers and damage of the soil structure.
  • It is essential to adapt tyre pressure according to the soil type, weather conditions and level of wear to the tyres to reduce spinning,

3. Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • Pressure also affects fuel consumption.
  • The incorrect tyre pressure consumes high fuel during the operation.
  • The increment in fuel consumption depends on the field surface, whether you drive on roads or fields.

4. Your Health Protection

  • Imperfect tyre pressure affects your health because your comfort and safety depend on the pressure of farm tyres.
  • It is essential to use a high-pressure tyre on roads to make the tractor more comfortable to steer and improve the farm vehicle’s braking power.
  • In the field, use a lower pressure tyre that improves shock absorption to reduce the tiredness and back pain.

These are the major agriculture tyres tips that you should know. By the help of these tips, you can save your extra expenses without any extra effort. We hope you liked this blog and delighted with it. For more updates about the Kubota tractor, stay tuned with us.


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