Top 6 Industries which Use Corrugated Cardboard Packaging


Corrugated cardboard packaging is popular and famous throughout the world and across all industries. The structural integrity and cushioning that corrugated packaging is exceptional, making it an ideal choice for the packing and transporting of delicate items. Regardless of the shape and size of the cargo, corrugated cardboard can be customized accordingly and hence the versatility of this packaging solution.

It offers unmatched benefits and advantages when compared to other packing solutions available. Corrugated paper is stronger and more robust than regular paper and therefore is used in the packaging and distributing of food grade cargo as well. Corrugated boards are made of stronger and high-quality materials that can withstand the pressure of long journeys and ensure that bumps and dings do not damage the objects and items packed inside.

Some of the main features and benefits of corrugated packing which make it so much in demand are:

  • Strong and Robust
  • Lightweight and Sturdy Construction
  • Easily Customizations
  • Cost Effective and Economical
  • Environment Friendly

The main industries in which corrugated paperboard packaging is hugely in demand are as follows:


Corrugated packaging is used extensively in the packing and transportation of electronic items. One of the main reasons is that this type of paperboard has anti-ESD properties which make it an ideal solution for the packaging of electronic products. Many other packing materials like bubble wrap itself releases electrostatic discharge caused due to the friction during transit. Hence for delicate electronic products which are susceptible to electrostatic discharge, corrugated cardboard packaging is used. Moreover, electronic items and products are generally quite fragile which makes it all the more important for them to be packaged in a way which will protect them against any shocks and bumps that they experience while in transit.

Glassware and Delicate Crockery Industry

Products made of glass and crockery are products which are extremely fragile and delicate by nature and therefore transporting them means adding layers of protection and cushioning into the packaging. This is only possible by using customized corrugated boxes which can withstand and absorb a lot of shocks and impacts to save the product inside. This special type of packaging material can be easily customized to fit the packing needs and requirements. The built-in structural integrity provides a layer of protection around the items and helps business owners to send their products in one piece to customers all over the world. Corrugated paper rolls act as a practical barrier between different glass pieces to prevent them from breaking.

E commerce

The rise, success, and popularity of the E commerce industry can be attributed to its intelligent and efficient packaging and logistics. Corrugated cardboard has allowed different E commerce companies to design, style and brand themselves through their creative packaging boxes. Today, in fact there isn’t a single category of product sold online which is not delivered in a cardboard box. Cardboard is malleable and easily customizable and hence offers freedom and flexibility for companies to manufacture packaging solutions as per the product sales. Customized packaging boxes are a way of branding and marketing for the E commerce companies so that it can directly increase sales and profit margins.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products

Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries depend on corrugated cardboard rolls packaging solutions to distribute the medicines and medical equipment to different corners of the world. Packing medicines in corrugated boxes is a practical and pragmatic choice as it ensures the safety of the invaluable medicines. Corrugated boxes are an ideal solution to send medicines in bull as it can carry and transport multiple goods in a single package with any damage. Not just medicines but medical devices and equipment like thermometers, stethoscopes, hearing aid devices and many others also are packed and shipped in corrugated medical supply boxes.

Relocation and Home Moving Services

We all have one point of time in our lives, have moved homes or have helped our friends or near ones to move. Corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal for relocation and home moving services because there is a wide range of home moving and removal boxes available in the market. You can get small, medium, and large corrugated packing boxes which are used for securing different household items. For e.g. large, corrugated cardboard boxes are used to pack bulky yet lightweight items like pillows and blankets. Diligently designed special paperboard boxes are used to pack sensitive and delicate household objects like picture frames, glassware, and others.

Industrial Supply – Components and Spare Parts

Corrugated packaging is undoubtedly one of the best things to have happened to the packaging industry due to various advantages and features of corrugated packaging boxes. They can be used to transport industrial products and materials with ease due to the fact that all you have to do is pack these products into corrugated paperboard boxes which are easily available on the market. If in case you need a box of specific measurements, you can always place an order for customized boxes which will fit your shipping and transportation needs.


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