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Top 8 Tech Trends and Evolution in the Automobile Industry


Living in a world that is driven by technological evolutions, there is perhaps no industry that has not adapted to the revolutionizing advancements. Among all the things descending in the line of tech progression, the automobile industry is, without a doubt blooming with the most innovations.

Similar to the smart innovations in communication technology that are used for more than just making calls, the automobile industry is able to do much more than just driving. The integration of technological advances makes automobiles safer and user-friendly for the owners.

With that said, the growth of technology is, without a doubt, making it possible for the automobile industry to implement autonomous driving, best auto glass replacement, and prevention of accidents, among other features.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the amazing developments in the automobile industry. So without further ado, let’s discuss-

Top 11 tech trends of the automobile industry.

  1. Self-driving system

The future of cars is already here. Autonomous driving is something that has changed the automobile industry to eliminate the need for a human behind the wheel. Audi’s adaptive cruise control is an excellent example of this futuristic technology.

It takes the collaboration of 30 control units to analyses the surrounding of the vehicle while regulating the speed of the vehicle according to the distance between the car and the vehicle ahead. The BMW series 7 comes with the capability to park itself without the owner’s involvement.

With the examples above, it can be said that a fully automated system is the next in line development for the automotive industry.

  1. Predictive automobile technology

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a significant role in paving the way for the future of the automotive industry. More companies today are using data for the automobile’s application preferences.

The shift of automobiles to IoT gadgets is also a fantastic development leading the automotive industry to the future. These vehicles are connected with the cell phone and take voice commands, changing the user interface.

Predictive technology enables the user to know the changes and repairs the vehicle requires from a mechanic, making the repairs cost-effective and more comfortable to replace.

  1. Automatic high-beam control

In the updated versions of RX, Lexus offers a framework where the high-beam headlights of the vehicle dim and brightens in connection to the traffic on the roads. A camera installed in the rearview mirror helps recognize the traffic surrounding the car, which helps in withdrawing high beams.

  1. GPS vehicle tracking

A GPS tracking system is a great way to address the security concerns regarding the vehicle. It regularly updates the position of the vehicle, informing the user of the current location of the vehicle. Likewise, it can also inform the user if the speed is crossed the threshold or if the vehicle leaves or enters a certain region.

  1. Vehicle to vehicle communication

Just like self-driving cars, this technology also helps in decreasing accidents and fatalities. With vehicle to vehicle communication, your vehicle will get a signal from the other vehicle cautioning you through a potential car crash. This will allow your car to apply brakes automatically, safeguarding the rider of the vehicle.

  1. Cars-as-a-service

CaaS refers to a future car rental administration that enables the city drivers to take part in a ride-sharing facility. Smart gadget owners can signal the vehicle with driverless innovation through an application that can help with the delivery or transportation needs of the individuals. It can be an innovative way to work as a driverless uber.

With that said, it can be pointed out that transportation can be made easier with the transformation of the automotive industry. This can also become a solution to places where transportation is a heated issue.

  1. Automatic lift gates

The modern automatic lift gates don’t have much to do. You only need to go with your car key, and the car will detect it to open it automatically for you. The 2013 ford escape is one of the leading examples and perhaps the best automobile present on the planet using this technology. So the next time you are loaded with shopping bags, you can easily get in your car without putting the bags down.

  1. Versatile cruise control

Driving can sometimes become unpleasant. However, the versatile cruise control technology can help the drivers to take control over the wheel without a worry. It uses a variety of sensors that coordinates the speed of the vehicle according to the traffic around the vehicle.

Certain automobile companies are also working on giving the vehicles total control to hit the brakes and continue automatically, making the unpredictable traffic less worrisome.

In conclusion, it can be said that technology defines the future of the automotive industry. Where it can provide the best user experience, it is also working to decrease the rate of traffic accidents. That is why developing technology is improving the automotive industry to become better in the future.



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