Top Best Places to Visit in Nepal for Honeymoon Vacation & Family Holiday Tour

Places to visit in Nepal

If you are thinking of visiting Nepal for a vacation or just a short getaway, you might be curious about the top places to visit in Nepal. 

Nepal is one of the most exciting and unforgettable countries in Asia, with plenty of world heritage sites and attractions to visit and enjoy. It has such diversity from snow capped mountains to lush green valleys, dense forests to vast plateaus, and gigantic plains dotted with wetlands. 

Nepal is very famous for its rich flora and fauna. But many other activities can also be done while in Nepal, like trekking, visiting religious sites, enjoying nature through rafting, kayaking, paragliding, and hot air ballooning. 

The following are top ten of the best places to visit on vacation in Nepal.


  1. Visit the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal

Visiting Kathmandu can be an experience of a lifetime. Kathmandu is very culturally rich and diverse. This city will give you a glimpse of the past and show you a glimpse of modernity. 

Kathmandu is one place where you can see the country’s rich diversity. From colorful markets to bustling bazaars, from relaxing tea shops to vibrant bars, from religious shrines to ancient temples and mountains, from charming gardens to majestic views, Kathmandu will take your breath away. 

This city has been the cultural center of the country for centuries, and it still is. Kathmandu has such enormous potential to be a famous tourist site in Asia. To visit this city is to understand why Nepalis believe that Kathmandu is the heart of Nepal.

Most of the tourists who visit Nepal find themselves in Kathmandu to explore its impressive scenery. Tourists also love visiting this city’s unique attractions, such as the Buddha statues, the marble palace of Asan and the Dharahara tower, numerous temples, amazing lakes like Lake Manaslu and Langtang, and much more. 

You can easily visit a wide variety of attractions in Kathmandu when you are on vacation. 

  1. Visit Pokhara

Pokhara is a very famous lake-side town in western Nepal. It’s a must-see while being in Nepal. 

There are many attractions in Pokhara that draw tourists to the region. Pokhara is a charming town. It has lakes, rivers, and mountain views that will leave you in awe.

Pokhara has been the center of adventure tourism for ages. Water sports like canoeing, boating, and rafting are top-rated in this town. You can enjoy bungee jumping here too! 

It is worth visiting many temples here. Some of the best hotels and restaurants are found in Pokhara. Pokhara is a great place to relax and unwind.

From here, you can see the famous Fish Tail mountain. Pokhara is also a haven for trekking enthusiasts. There are many treks from Pokhara to Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu.

Pokhara is a great place to meet new people and make new friends. This place has a lot to offer for everyone who visits it! You can visit this place while on vacation in Nepal. 

Pokhara is located just 34km north of Kathmandu. It takes roughly one full day’s drive to get to Pokhara from Kathmandu. The distance between Pokhara and Kathmandu is a little over 300km.

  1. Visit the Annapurna Circuit, Beauty of Nepal Travel

Nepal is world-renowned for hiking and trekking. This country’s tourism industry owes a lot of its success because Nepal has great trekking opportunities in all its eight zones. 

There are few treks as spectacular as the Annapurna Circuit.

 It’s a full-day trek to Annapurna Base Camp from Pokhara. The Annapurna Circuit is an excellent trekking experience. It can be quite an adventure if you’re craving for one. 

You will have to scramble up and down deep snowed-up valleys amongst quaint villages and mountain beauty. Not only this, the Annapurna Circuit is a serious hiking experience that will make your heart skip a beat.

The Annapurna Circuit (or ABC) trek is one of the most spectacular treks in the world. It can be considered as Nepal’s top trekking circuit along with Langtang and Manaslu. 

The Annapurna Circuit is roughly 110km long and passes through incredible scenery highlighted by Machhapuchhare, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Gangapurna, and more. While trekking in this circuit, you’ll see some of the world’s most beautiful mountains.

The Annapurna region is known for its stunning scenery. It is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The Annapurna region does not have any major towns or cities. The town of Pokhara is about northwest of Kathmandu and serves as a starting point for many treks.

  1. Visit Chitwan National Park 

Chitwan National Park is located near the southern border of Nepal, in the Terai plains. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 for being an outstanding example of a large-scale protected landscape that illustrates major ecological and biological processes, making it an area of great ecological importance. 

Chitwan is one of the oldest national parks in Nepal. It is well known for its diverse wildlife, including elephants, rhinoceroses, gazelles, some of the rarest animals in the world like Gangetic river dolphins and many more.

Chitwan is also known for its flora and fauna. It has an abundance of exotic birds and animals. Some of these species can be found nowhere else in Nepal. 

The highlight of this park is the Royal Bengal Tiger, and one can easily spot them while driving through Chitwan. Other popular species are the leopards, which you can spot if you are lucky.

  1. Visit the Rara National Park

The Rara National Park is located about 250km north of Kathmandu in the Mugu District of Nepal. It was established in 1976 as a sanctuary to protect the endangered Bengal florican bird and rare flora of Rara Lake. 

There are some wonderful picnic sites within Rara Lake. 

Another popular activity here is bird watching.

Rara Lake is a sedimentary lake. It is one of the few lakes in Nepal where you can see florican birds as endemic in Rara Lake and do not migrate elsewhere. It is said that the landslides of a glacier created Rara Lake. Hence it is crucial to preserve Rara Lake.

There are many other beautiful national parks and wilderness areas in Nepal, including Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park, Dhaulagiri National Park, Everest Base Camp, Helambu National Park, one of the highest points in the world at 7,000m, and many more.

  1. Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp [4] is one of the most popular places in Nepal and offers fantastic views of mountains, treetops, and valleys. It is located at the height of 5,100 m above sea level. 

Apart from the stunning views, it is also known as one of the coldest places in Nepal. 

Hence it not recommendable to visit in March and April as that requires much more preparation. 

Everest Base Camp Trek is a popular destination for trekking. Many adventure tour groups operate Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal every year.

The most common route is the Everest Base Camp Trekking which begins from Solukhumbu District. Both starting places are close to Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city. 

The journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp typically takes nine days, while the journey from KTM (Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport) to Annapurna base camp typically takes around seven days. Other routes are also popular, such as the Everest Panorama Trek (Annapurna Base Camp to Everest Base Camp) and Everest Base Camp Trekking (Kathmandu to Pheriche).

  1. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular destination in Nepal for tourists. It is located at a distance of 40 km southwest of Kathmandu. The city is the highest point offering awesome climbing opportunities. 

Nagarkot Trek offers one of the most amazing views in Nepal and an opportunity to visit many beautiful Buddhist temples such as Changu Narayan, Panchachuli, Pashupatinath, and Baudhanath within the trekking area. 

Nagarkot offers many other attractive features, such as the Nagarkot Hall, which was built in 1880 as a summer palace for Rana Kumbha. The hall has been transformed into a museum where you can see rare artifacts and paintings of Lord Vishnu.

Nagarkot may seem a little expensive to tourists, but it is very inexpensive for tourists.

  1. Poon Hill

Poon Hill is one of the best attractions to visit in Nepal. Situated at an altitude of 2900m in the Annapurna Region of Nepal, Poon Hill is famous for its views over the mountains and Annapurna Range. 

It is a part of Annapurna Circuit Trek, which can be arranged at very low costs from Kathmandu, Nepal. The trek starts from the Thalipeth (Thalipeth complex), one of the most scenic areas, which offers stunning views over Shivapuri and other mountains in the Himalayas. 

The trek ends at Poon Hill, with spectacular views of Annapurna I and II from a height of 2900m.

There are several things to do in Poon Hill. You can go hiking, trekking, and skiing. A hike in Poon Hill takes about one hour and is one of the most popular activities there. 

It is a straightforward hike with an altitude of 2900m. This place also provides you an opportunity to visit the Buddhist Samadhi Temple. The observatory offers stunning views with no extra effort. There are many other temples and monasteries to visit in Poon Hill.

  1. Manang

Manang is one of the most famous tourist places in Nepal. It is a beautiful city that has stunning views and also a perfect climate. Manang is located at an altitude of 3,500m, the second-highest city worldwide after the K2 pass (another popular tourist place). 

Manang is located in the northern part of Nepal. It is easily accessible from Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu, which is around 8 hours drive via Pokhara, with spectacular views of mountains and rivers along the way.

Manang is very famous for its scenic beauty, good climate, and friendly people. It is a base camp for Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and it offers a charming view of Mt. Annapurna I (8th highest peak in the world) and Mt. Fishtail (12th highest peak in the world). It makes it one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations. 

The river that flows through Manang is Kali Gandaki, one of the major tributaries of the holy river Ganga. It is believed that the river Kali Gandaki was created by Lord Shiva himself to help him get rid of the sin when he burnt Sati’s body.

Manang also offers you a chance to see Tibet (China) from its mountain tops and valleys like Thorung La Pass.

Manang offers a lot of activities to tourists. These include trekking, climbing, skiing, paragliding, river rafting, and many more.

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  1. Namche Bazaar 

Namche Bazaar is a large town in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal, located at an altitude of 3,790m on the Tibetan border. It is most popular for its local market that carries various goods from Tibet and India, and other Himalayan regions. 

Namche Bazaar is a very picturesque town, and it is decorated with colorful houses with paprika-red, yellow, or whitened wooden walls. It was initially a trade center for the Yeti hunters; hence the Yeti motifs are evident in many homes there. 

Namche Bazaar market is also famous for its handicrafts, including wool blankets made by the Lepcha peoples. Namche Bazaar has excellent trekking opportunities and is well connected to all major towns of Nepal via roads.

Nepal’s Namche Bazaar is a great place to spend your holidays. It is a big market, which offers food, textiles, and gifts from Nepal and other Himalayan regions. There are several comfortable hotels or guest houses, making it an ideal destination for relaxation.


The people, cultures, and scenery of Nepal make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is one of the best places for hiking and trekking. The climate is favorable throughout the year for tourists. Apart from this, Nepal also offers some of the most interesting adventure activities.


In recent decades, Nepal has become a popular tourist destination since people are attracted to its culture, nature, and religion. International and domestic tourists are drawn to the country. The tourism industry is growing steadily in Nepal, and its related sectors are flourishing.


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