Two New Amazing Features of Facebook


First features

The Facebook app brings a lot of notifications on our smartphone throughout the day. The purpose of Facebook is to keep us updated about our friends and close, although at times we get upset due to these notifications. This is the reason why the veteran social media platform Facebook has introduced a new feature Shortcut Bar Settings. According to a report by Tech-linked website TechCrunch, this setting has been seen in the navigation bar of the Facebook app.

On Facebook, the website was told, “We are rolling out the navigation bar controls, so that people can easily connect to the Facebook app on the things they like and they can control the notifications.” If we checked, the new feature has started appearing on iOS, though we will have to wait on Android device.

Through this feature, users will be able to remove tabs like Watch Groups, Marketplace, Profile, Events, News, Friend Requests, Today In, Gaming and Dating or mute their notifications. This will give a lot of relief to users who are troubled by the notifications of Facebook.

If you want to remove any tab from the shortcut bar of Facebook app, then you have to press and hold its icon. After which two options Remove from shortcut bar and turn off notification dots will appear. For example, we tried to remove the Marketplace tab. You can see the screenshot.

Apart from this, you can also use this feature in settings. For this, you have to go to the Facebook app Settings & Privacy> then to Settings> then to the Shortcuts bar.

Second features

The company has made some changes to give a new experience to the social media platform Facebook users. A new look has been added to the desktop version of Facebook and the Dark Mode feature has also been given. Upon opening Facebook, an early access comes in front of the user, in which information about new features of Facebook has been given. The user can access new features by clicking on try it.

After clicking on Try it, the user will have the option to choose the light and dark look. On choosing the light look, the layout of the Facebook account will change, while choosing the dark look, everything will be shown in dark mode with the changed layout. Facebook says that the new look is’ fresh and more simple. Facebook claims that the loading time in it is faster than before and the font has become bigger along with the simplified layout.

You can also activate this way

Dark mode can also be accessed through the ‘Down Arrow’ created after Facebook’s Quick Help icon. After clicking on the down arrow, a drop down will open, in which clicking on ‘Switch to New Facebook’ will change your Facebook page completely. In the new look, dark mode can be enabled and disabled in the same drop down. If the user wants to return the old classic looking Facebook page, then click on ‘Switch to Classic Facebook’. After this, your old Facebook look will be returned.


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