Unmissable Cultural Destinations in Qatar


Qatar is a country popular for its opulence. Being a rich oil economy, the tiny Gulf country has seen great progress in recent years. From its extravagant shopping malls to tall skyscrapers, tourists come to the country to experience its diversity.

Among all its aspect, its cultural destinations are highly coveted. Qatar has a rich history and heritage. From traditional bazaar sites to stunning museums, the rich Gulf country has it all.

So, let’s explore some popular cultural sites in the country.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

If you are interested in exploring the early history of Islam, visit the architectural wonder — Museum of Islamic Art. Exhibiting an amazing collection of Islamic artefacts, the museum is built on an Island. When you observe it from a distance, it seems like a building is floating in the water.

Taken from around the world, you will find an extensive collection of textiles, ceramics, glassworks, manuscripts and painting. The Qatari government has put hefty investment into the development of this museum. The renowned architect, I. M. Pei was hired to design the architecture.

If you are visiting in the daytime, we would recommend you not to miss lunch at the Alain Ducasse, a dine-in place on the museum’s fifth floor. Keep in mind the rules and regulations you need to adhere to as Qatar is an Islamic country. When you go, make sure you have covered your body properly.

Katara Cultural Village

Another great cultural destination in the country, Katara Cultural Village is a place that is located on the eastern coast of Qatar between The Pearl and West Bay. From vivid alleyways to a stunning Greco-Roman amphitheatre. Every corner of the attraction is filled with Qatar heritage.

If you are lucky, you will also find musicians performing along its alleyways. The destination is home to several filmmakers and photographers. Many events, concerts and exhibitions, are also organised here.

There are also small eateries and luxurious restaurants. Offering Middle Eastern cuisine, these serve an extensive menu.

The best time to visit the place is just before dusk when it starts to get lit up and the promenade becomes picturesque.

 Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is among the most interesting museums in the world.  The museum has been built to share Sheikh’s life journey with the world. While it is a little far away from the main city, it is worth visiting the place.

The exhibition is split into four main categories including vehicles, Islamic Art, Qatar Heritage and coins & currency.

It is also known for exhibiting an extensive collection of vintages cars and magnificent bikes. You will also find some traditional artefacts which reflect the lifestyle of early Qataris.

Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

Located near Al Shamal — Al Jassasiya Rock Carving is among the most mysterious cultural sites in the world. Many archaeologists have tried to explain the sculptures. However, it still remains a mystery for the world.

It is a little tucked away from the main capital city. The cultural site will take around an hour to reach. Since the destination is located at a distant place, we would suggest you rent a 4×4 SUV which can endure the off-road conditions as you may have to drive on sand and gravel.

When you visit Al Jassasiya Rock Carving, be aware of all the rules and regulations. No one is allowed to take anything or to litter the place.

The National Museum of Qatar

Another famous museum on the list is The National Museum of Qatar. The newly developed museum was opened in 2019. Just like the Museum of Islamic Art, the government has spent a great amount of money on the establishment of this museum.

Inspired by crystal clusters and desert rose, the design of the museum is like curved discs. The museum is large with 1.5 km long galleries. Divided into three parts, these are classified into Beginnings, Life in Qatar and Building the Nation.


Filled with stunning cultural sites, Qatar is a popular tourist destination. You can make the most out of your itinerary by opting for tourist car rentals. Car rental companies are now providing vehicles to tourists with relaxed terms and conditions. So, rent a car and make your journey enjoyable.


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