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What do you need to know before registering your company in Singapore?


Singapore is a worldwide financial center – and a complete nation where business is to be established. At Leftright Corporate, we offer an organization incorporation services that is unmatched. Joining the Singapore organization involves various mandatory procedures and legal documents. In order to consolidate a Singapore organization, all Singapore-registered incorporation providers have a legal requirement for expert co-ops to lead KYC (Address-Your-Customer) due to continuity. You will likely be physically present in Singapore for the opening of your organization bank account. Our prepared team of experts will manage you through the whole process, guaranteeing the culmination in the most expert, profitable way.

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Company incorporation in Singapore is a direct and less muddled process. If, outsiders have to select local / resident director as per ACRA standards. For outsiders, it is necessary to hire a company incorporation service Singapore provider as self-registration is not allowed for non-residents in Singapore.

We at Leftright Corporate, offer a cost effective package suitable for locals and outsiders who need to set up a company in Singapore. Outsiders must select a local director to incorporate a company in Singapore according to ACRA standards.

However, you can claim a 100% stake in the organization as well as be an executive outside your organization after the formation of the Singapore Company.

In addition to the required documents, outsiders should provide the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Residential proof of proof (foreign)
  • Know your customer (KYC) details:
  • Bank reference letter
  • Personal profile
  • Business profile, etc.

What do you need to know before registering your company in Singapore?

Before you register your Singapore organization, you’ll learn about these terms:

Your organization name must be approved prior to registration.

You must select at least one resident executive. An unlimited number of additional resident or non-resident directors may also be selected. Both resident and non-resident directors must be at least 18 years old, not before going bankrupt and free from any negligence charges.

You can have any space between 1-50 investors, possibly directors. Investors can include both nearby and non-local people or organizations, and 100% non-local shareholding is allowed. After the Singapore organization joins, the shares can be issued or transferred freely at any time.

You must provide the name of a Certified Resident Company Secretary within half a year of the registration of your Singapore organization. The sole director or potential investor cannot go as organization secretary.

You must have at least S $ 1 paid up capital to register your Singapore organization. This amount can be increased whenever your organization joins.

You must provide a local, physical Singapore address as the organization’s registered location. The registered location may be a personal or business address, but P.O. Box. Singapore-registered organizations appreciate attractive tax rebates and incentives.

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