What is the AMG Package on a Mercedes?


AMG is a company that has come to the present day by specializing in the external structure, internal structure and engine power increase of vehicles since its establishment. Above all, AMG’s top priority is to make the standard Mercedes models the ultimate version.

Let’s talk about what kind of an organization AMG is in the first place. AMG is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany. As many people know, this company has tasked itself with revealing the invisible sides of the vehicles. What AMG is trying to do in the world is to extract more power than the usual power of vehicles that are not of its own production.

In particular, it takes the standard Mercedes models into their own facilities and re-handles them according to customer requests or the standards they determine. All of the work AMG does is official. Each of its employees is professional in their field.

Modifier firm AMG will always have their own words on the changes. So if you open the hood of any Mercedes model, you can easily understand whether it is within the standards or out of the AMG garage. AMG can produce engine parts as well as exterior parts based on carbon fiber. Mercedes also gives the name AMG to some of the equipment palettes of its own vehicles. Only AMG version of Mercedes given to standard cars is to emphasize the sporty side of vehicles that descend from their bands.

If a Mercedes model has AMG inscription, we can understand that the rim, interior and exterior structure are more equipped and sporty than normal. What we have told up to this part was after it was used as a version.

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What are the features of AMG?

Mercedes’ purchase within the scope of superior engineering is on the road with an average of +500 HP after AMG operations. With the given power, the targeted maximum speed and take-off times are also reduced. This is exactly the purpose of its establishment. Being able to give more than desired! If we continue to answer the question of what are the features of AMG; Continuing with the logic of moving the usual things up, the company automatically intervenes in the moving mechanism of the vehicles after the power increase of the units.

This intervention is the change of the suspensions within the packages created by them. Again, we can understand how a car is AMG from this part. Because the vehicle body is lowered in order to ensure the vehicle’s balance system perfectly. This is achieved with the new valve shock absorber and performance suspensions made by AMG. Those visually made on the exterior of cars; the application of wider body kits than normal and making small touches with parts that are generally carbon.

When did AMG switch to Mercedes?

With a contract signed in 1993, AMG was put under the auspices of Daimler-Benz. Thus, the modification company officially took the title of official establishment of Mercedes. They started by converting the SL Roadster, codenamed R107 and C107, into the ultimate road car before the partnership was made within AMG. In the second stage, work continued on the S class with the W116 frame code. With the incorporation of Daimler’s AMG, different models have been redesigned.

Despite the start of changes from the luxury and sports classification, the C Series subsequently joined AMG’s unlimited operations. The modification company is entering the change with the highest engine options of the vehicle versions, as evident from its work. In 1970, with the 6.3L V8 engine of the Mercedes 300 SEL, he was entitled to enter the DTM, the German Turing Automobile Championship. Of course, these are the times when there is no formal partnership.

What Application is AMG Mercedes applying to vehicles?

The rim types that were designed in-house were originally manufactured as 15 inch 5-spoke. The rim sizes currently used, especially in the S-Series modifications, can reach up to 21 inches. AMG isn’t just interested in engine and exterior body kits. AMG is also famous for its comfort-oriented work, keeping its vision wide at all times. Even the already high quality and expensive interior coating materials are replaced with better ones.

Personal processes such as the sound system and seat can also be performed by AMG. So there is no certain limit! The fact that it is within Mercedes does not mean that AMG will not operate independently. In particular, the gearbox inventions of Mercedes have been developed by the official modifier company. The 5G Tronic transmission was used in almost all models, and in the early 2000s, the 7G Tronic AMG Speed shift MCT era was switched with a claim-laden slogan.


We talked about what AMG means and its general features. At the beginning of self-entry into certain formations of German tuning firm AMG is the largest, after the Mercedes was introduced in order to serve a great purpose. The SLR model, which we heard a lot, and the AMG GTs produced in its own name afterwards, are cars in which all the equipment in the brand history is given as standard. The last piece of art is Project One – AMG, the predecessor of the CLK-GTR, the legendary sports car of the time!

As we explained above, AMG focuses on the engine units. It customizes the outer body kit and interior space, respectively. AMG makes undoubtedly the strongest types of the Mercedes S series, which we call the Admiral Ship in the luxury class. As of now, the aggressive conversions of Mercedes vehicles have been left to this large, experienced tuner.

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