Why Use Bubble Wrap Rolls for Protecting Your Precious Cargo?


Entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world who deal in tangible products and items are always on the lookout for the most economical and hard-wearing packaging solutions. One might ask, so much thought and planning for just a packing material? The answer is an astounding yes, because when you ship in bulk, the packaging of the products to be delivered to the customers plays a very crucial and vital role, be it in terms of operating costs or customer satisfaction. There are various options for packing materials and supplies in the market and each specific type caters to a specific industry and its needs. However, there are a few packaging essentials which are versatile and bubble wrap packing is one of the most famous amongst them all.

Bubble wrap is a light weight, transparent packing material which has small air bubbles to protect the cargo from damage. These small, evenly positioned air-filled bubbles act as a cushioning layer between the object and the actual packaging box to protect it from pressure bumps and dings during the transit. This unique and intelligent form of packing material was invented accidentally in 1957 and ever since it has become the world’s favourite material used for packing and protection as well. Not only are bubble wrap rolls an excellent packaging supply, but it has an amazing fun quotient to it as well. Popping those bubbles has been the favourite pastime of people all over the world irrespective of their age. Keep on reading to understand as to why bubble wrap packing is used by almost every industry on this planet to protect their cargo during shipping.


Superior Protection and Shielding

Bubble wrap packing offers excellent protection and shielding to the products and items being shipped and transported. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity and demand for bubble wrap rolls as an effective packaging solution. Transporting products and items to all corners of the world involves some heavy handling during the process and bubble wraps helps keep the products in relative safety by absorbing and withstanding the routine shocks and bumps. The small air-filled bubbles act as a protective layer to protect the product and make sure that the customer receives their product in one piece as intended.


Extremely Lightweight

This unique type of packing material is one of the lightest packaging supplies available in the market right now. The reason is its basic construction which is nothing much but just a thin layer of plastic with air-filled bubbles on it. Despite being lightweight, it is highly robust and tensile, which makes it a great choice for packaging solutions. As bubble wrap packing does not add any additional weight to the existing cargo, this feature helps in significant cost savings. Not only does it help in cutting operational costs like in logistics and supply chain, but also in fuel consumption and savings. Bubble wrapping is a practical and pragmatic choice when shipping products in bulk over long distances.


Reusable and Environment Friendly

The mantra for bubble wrap is “Once used, it can be reused”. Bubble wrap is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally friendly and reusable packaging materials. It helps in reducing the carbon footprint by reusing the bubble wrap packing multiple times. As long as the bubbles are not burst and have air inside of them, there is no limit to the number of times it can be reused. This also helps in considerable packaging cost savings as you do not have to purchase bubble wrap rolls for every consignment of cargo that needs to be packed and shipped. In order to protect the environment manufacturers are now coming up with bubble wrap which is 100% natural and can be recycled as well. Whether bubble wrap is made of plain plastic, it can be reused; if made of natural and recycled material, then also it can be reused. No matter which type of bubble wrap roll you use, it is environment friendly and reusable.


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