Working from home? Tips from a pro!


Yes hello nice people! So I have been working from home for 3 or 4 years. All day, every day . And I LOVE it! In all those years I have really figured out how working from home can work successfully and because you are probably sitting on the couch with your bibs now (hello Corona), I will share my knowledge with you. To start with; get off that couch. But more about that.

 Tips to Work From Home

  1. Just get up at a normal time

Although it is really great that you can also work from home (you should definitely try this ff), it is really best for your productivity to just be in the morning to rise. If you are normally at the office at 9 am, that also means that you can sleep in until a quarter to 9 and you are up and running fine at 9 am (so YAY!). But get out of bed and get to work. Do you want to sleep in? Then I’ll tell you about it…


  1. Make a schedule

Make and follow a schedule. Make it clear to yourself what time you want to work at home and when not. It does not matter how you fill in your schedule (if you really want to work in the evening, be my guest ), but the most important thing is that you at least define for yourself which moments are for work and which are for private.

My advice; keep as much as possible the schedule that you would normally have: so in the morning travel time (you can now spend that time on something else), then work 4 hours, then lunch, then work 4 hours, then travel time (so chill time or time to exercise or read a book) and then dinner and chill time.

If you are like Tip 1; yes but i want to sleep in nnnnn; do that, but plan that time. So I know that I am going to start on time on Monday, but I often want to sleep late on Tuesday and Thursday. I can plan that right away; then I just make sure that I continue a little longer on Tuesday ;-). Or start working with a laptop on the bed. As long as you have it clear to yourself.


  1. Plan your lunch break and really take that time off.

This is very important; make sure to take a half hour or an hour lunch break and really take that time off from work. As you normally do when you have lunch with your colleagues. Prepare something tasty for yourself and take your time, read a book during lunch, go for a walk or go for a half hour workout. Yes, this is really possible and is really nice.

Sometimes during lunch I hang out on the couch for an hour with hopeless YouTube videos, but then I have really moved my focus to something outside my work. And then you can get back to work again.


  1. Do / don’t put on makeup / dress properly

There are pros and cons to this; The advantage of working from home is that I started wearing less makeup and now find myself much more beautiful without makeup (because I am more used to my head without makeup) and that is DELICIOUS.

 The extra effort that you then do for yourself sometimes has the effect that you feel less comfy / pendant and are therefore slightly better in your energy. And so you are more productive. Yes really!


  1. Go outside (while you still can)!

It may well be that we really have to stay indoors soon, but until then; go outside as much as possible. Walk a bit at the beginning / middle or end of your day. I usually go shopping with a podcast on foot; then I walk for about an hour, I come outside for a bit (a different environment than your house is nice, besides: FRESH AIR) and at the same time I did my shopping and had my head on something other than work (namely a podcast).


  1. Working from home = the ideal situation for balance

Where you normally lead a rather rushed life in which combining your work with travel time, with private things, with sports is a challenge (you don’t get around to reading a book at all), this may be the time to regain your balance. Sounds smoother than it is and you can make really big gains here.

– You can catch up on sleep by getting up at 8:30 in the morning (thick chill), while you just start work at 9:00.

– Take the travel time you would normally have and during that time go read a book / walk / listen to a podcast / meditate (if that’s your thing).

– Make time to exercise. Because you now work at home and you can organize your time more flexibly, it is best to take an hour during the day to exercise. Whether in the evening, or in the travel time you would normally have, or during your lunch! Make room for this for yourself (in your planning) and notice that in this crazy period, you feel comfortable in this way.


  1. Go extensive cooking

Normally you might be in a rush and don’t feel like cooking, now you really have a little more time to spare and you can use that time to cook yourself ‘zen’. I find this mega chill sometimes; to take a moment to just stir with attention in a pan. That you do not quickly put together something, but really cut your vegetables in peace and put something tasty on the table. CHILL. And you really have more time for this when working from home than if you had to go to work every day.


  1. Clean up your work

Make sure you clean up at the end of the working day. Are you working in the living room now? Then put the things there and take them back the next day. This way you literally separate your work and private life, which is great for your rest, relaxation and productivity!


  1. Well anyway

, it is better to work in a tidy house than in a fat gang. It is true; gang around you = gang in your head. And you might have been able to escape that before, when you closed the door behind you and went to work, that time is now over. You’re in the middle of your mess and it doesn’t work well.

At the beginning of the day I always take a moment to make things neat and tidy here. Clean things up, unpack the dishwasher, things like that. Takes you a little time in the morning, but it benefits you all day. If you don’t do this, it will make a mess in your house faster and that will really affect your productivity. So; better clean up first and then get to work, than sit around all day.


  1. Bonus tip

Well and then a strange bonus tip, but I just throw it in, because we (should) do it anyway. Working from home is the best circumstance for:  masturbating . Yes really. I have been intensely happy for years ;-). You have to make the best of it, right?


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